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  1. Hi Phil, thanks a lot for your post anyhow. Best wishes akacom
  2. Hi Xilo, I did so, but the "Recent Documents" and the "Taskbar Jump List" are cleared anyhow. Thanks for your reply. I will wait a few days (until the holidays are over) and then contact the support. Best wishes akacom
  3. Hi Phil, thanks for your reply. Do you have any idea how Wise is naming the left part of XP's Startmenu? I would be thankful for any help. Best regards akacom
  4. Hi to all of you reading this questions! I use "WC365Pro" since yesterday with "WinXP/SP3" and are very happy with it. It is impressive how many dirt and dust the program wipes out. There are 2 issues I have problem with: 1. Although "Recent Documents" in Computer traces" is unselected in the "custom settings" and in "Traces in Computer" in "Common Cleaner", "WC365Pro" deletes all entries in this list. 2. The same is with the area in "Start Menu" where the last used programs are listed. Sorry, I don't know the name of this area. It is placed on the left part of XP's "Start Menu" just above "All Programs". To keep these entries where they are I unselected all options of "WC365Pro" for traces. Nevertheless the program deletes all entries there. I hope someone can help me! Best regards akacom
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