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  1. wisecleaner-admin Unfortunately I can't carry out the tests on Chrome as I replaced it with Firefox.
  2. Unfortunately I don't know how the cache disappeared, nor where Chrome was originally downloaded from. Chrome was reinstalled from the official Google site
  3. The cache was not there. I have re-installed Chrome and Wise Disk Cleaner does not show clean the Chrome cache. Thank you.
  4. Yes - I do have chrome installed. I never use Internet Explorer.
  5. I am using Wise Disk Cleaner version with Google Chrome 38.0.2125.111.My netbook computer uses Windows 7 Starter.
  6. On my Windows 7 Starter netbook the facility to clean the Google Chrome cache is not shown - whereas this does appear in the program on my Windows XP PC. Since cleaning the Chrome cache is important, is there any way of making Wise Disk Cleaner do this, rather than having to use the Chrome tool?
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