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Wise Folder Hider - drag and drop doesn't work?


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Yes... WFH v2.02.83 portable with Win7 64bit.

It doesn't matter that much if drag/drop doesn't function, but it would be nicer.


I need to use the portable version, because I don't have admin permission on the computers where I'll be using my flash drive.


One thing I need to test on Monday when I get into work, is whether or not the UAC prompt asks for administration elevation

when running WFH.exe. Do you know if it requires admin permission in order to work?

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I have set UAC on its maximum level and it always asks me admin permission.

Anyway, I have now tried to reduce (lower) the level (two times) and the message always appears.

I'll (now) try with the installer version, if the drag and drop works ok.


Edit: installed, but it doesn't work.

Hence it seems that drag and drop function doesn't work, at least using win7 x64 and win8.1 x64.

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I lowered the UAC level (and rebooted the machine) to the second option "Notify me only when applications try to make changes to my computer (do not dim my desktop) - Don't notify me when I make changes to windows settings", but the problem persists.

(Note that I'm not using WFH, I'm just confirming the issue)

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On 12/24/2014 at 7:49 AM, wisecleaner_admin said:


If your OS is Windows vista or Win 7, test link please turn off UAC (Users Account Control)

If your OS is Win8/8.1, sorry, drag & drop cannot work in Win8/8.1


Is there any way to get drag and drop to work in Win10?

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