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  1. Unfotunately I have no control over my work computers, so I can't change anything. That's is one of the major problems I'm having in finding a security solution for my flash drive!
  2. Just to mention, UAC asks for admin elevation on my work computers, so I can't use this program.
  3. Yes... WFH v2.02.83 portable with Win7 64bit. It doesn't matter that much if drag/drop doesn't function, but it would be nicer. I need to use the portable version, because I don't have admin permission on the computers where I'll be using my flash drive. One thing I need to test on Monday when I get into work, is whether or not the UAC prompt asks for administration elevation when running WFH.exe. Do you know if it requires admin permission in order to work?
  4. Version 2.02.83 The interface says 'drag and drop files or folders to the blank area to hide.' But when you try to do that, the cursor turns to a circle with a cross through it, and the files are not added to the list. Anyone else experience this?
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