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Hi there,

i am realy happy with this nice software,it realy help me fix al my problems and my windows 10

is running very well,but i have little problem.I am running cleaning every day and in advanced cleaner

i get about 300 errors(usualy log files),and this errors is constantly hapening.Is there any way to get rid of them?

Thanks in advance.

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There are 3 possible reasons:
1, If a file was created by a security software (Avast, Norton, and so on), wisecleaner has not enough permission to remove this file. This file is protected by the security software.
2, A certain application will create the file again after wisecleaner remove it. So, you will see same file after a re-scan, but the file's created date is different.
3, A file will be removed after you restart system.

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