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  1. Thank you. this was very helpful for me. I looked at many places but this is the simplest explanation I have found so far. Thank you once again. Best Regards
  2. Simply click on the printer icon on the top left side of the pdf. It will appear when you hover on the top area of the pdf. Then a dialogue box will open where you can change printing settings according to your requirements. Regards.
  3. You can speed up your device with the help of PC optimisation software which actually helps you to clear up processes that are slowing down your PC. Some of the software options are: 1. Iolo system mechanic 2. IObit Advanced SystemCare 3. Piriform CCleaner
  4. The software that you are using may help you, but it is a very good practice to try on many options before you get along with one of it. You can choose cleaner software from any of the top sites.
  5. Yes, it is generally given with the documentations and you can find over there. Meanwhile, this article here on SC (https://sc-downloader.net/) does kinda relate to you. So have a look, it can help.
  6. Hi, I also have the same question about doing it with my free insta acc. (https://freeaccountsonline.com/free-instagram-account/) and I couldn't find the answer. I would love it if anyone can help us out. Thank you.
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