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Memory optimizer button disappeared

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There are two methods to display the floating window.

Method 1,

Open wise care 365 -> click Custom icon on the top right -> click Settings in the drop-down menu -> click  Tray tab, select Display floating window automatically when running wise care 365, then click OK to save settings.

floating 1.png

Method 2,

Right click on wise care 365 tray icon in the Notification area, click Show Floating Window

floating 2.png

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Well, it seems to have disappeared on me again. There is a blue ribbon at the bottom of the screen now when I follow the above instructions. No memory optimize button. This one has up/down network speeds, memory usage and temperatures. Did something get changed in an update?

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The access violation warning  that comes up on startup of Win XP is the  following:


"Access Violation 00403E50 in Module WiseMemoryOptimizer.exe, read of address 108BE05"



then  2 more wierd things happen: Vprosvc( Norton Ghost HD Prgm/Symantec) will not work,  memory problem there


then Kindle page tries to come up, but I answer no to it.

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Does the new version have an uninstall version?  I was using a version from 2014.   I tried it, but not the  Norton Ghost.  Only had one pop up and that was the Norton Ghost- though the first time it did not come up to were I could use my mouse.  I will uninstall Norton Ghost next time I restart.

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Yes, I have the newest free version that I installed over it.   It seems to be working all right now.   Unfortunately, I still see now way of uninstalling it.   How would I do it?  I know with Revo Installer or Add Remove Programs there was a problem last time.  Can I just do that with this version?

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Hi adlane. :)
If you downloaded Wise Memory Optimizer 3.48 Free portable version, you can just extract its files in a folder.

Later you can move that folder where you prefer.

When you'll want to remove WMO, the uninstall won't be necessary: you will only delete the entire folder.


If you prefer the installer version of WMO, then you'll use its uninstaller in control panel\programs\uninstall (when you'll want to uninstall it, obviously).

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