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  1. Yes, I have the newest free version that I installed over it. It seems to be working all right now. Unfortunately, I still see now way of uninstalling it. How would I do it? I know with Revo Installer or Add Remove Programs there was a problem last time. Can I just do that with this version?
  2. What is the proper way of upgrading to the Current Version so I have that Uninstall button you have spoken, just download and run over it? or is there something in the program in the 2014 version? I believe I saw something like that.
  3. Does the new version have an uninstall version? I was using a version from 2014. I tried it, but not the Norton Ghost. Only had one pop up and that was the Norton Ghost- though the first time it did not come up to were I could use my mouse. I will uninstall Norton Ghost next time I restart.
  4. The access violation warning that comes up on startup of Win XP is the following: "Access Violation 00403E50 in Module WiseMemoryOptimizer.exe, read of address 108BE05" then 2 more wierd things happen: Vprosvc( Norton Ghost HD Prgm/Symantec) will not work, memory problem there then Kindle page tries to come up, but I answer no to it.
  5. Noticed that Wise Memory Optimizer would not come up so I tried to uninstall it. Now I get memory violation error every time I try to restart my computer. What should I do? Try to re-install again, or check something in the regedit?
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