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Where is the Registry backup file created?


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After I created a backup, I see in the restore window where it lists the backup,  but in what folder does it create the backup. Do I need to use the Wise program to restore it or can I do it manually if I no longer have the Wise program?


Thank you,


Here's the suggestion:
Please click Windows Start and enter  "%appdata%" into the search box, then press Enter.
In the folder shown up, find "Wise Registry Cleaner" ---"Backup".
The backup file is in it.
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It is a nice suggestion.

When you uninstall wise registry cleaner, do you read our pop-window message carefully? We will ask  you "do you want to remove config information?", if you click "Yes", it will remove config information (include backup folder), if you click "No", it will remain to save config information.


But we will improve this.

Thank you very much.

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Well, I can't remember if I read it (sorry for my "brain" :P ), probably I did but not not so well, but the result was that I had lost backups of mine :wacko:

Or maybe i've used the uninstaller inside ccleaner and did it go alone?

Given that backups are usually a good idea, especially the first complete one before the scanning/cleaning, I thought to inform you.


Regards ^_^

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