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  1. I'm using Wise Plugin Manager Beta ver. 1.01.49 too,but I have no problem. Try to re-install your Firefox.
  2. The reason of kernel32.dll error may caused by missing kernel32.dll. Download the attach files and copy to C:\Windows\System32 kernel32.zip
  3. You can check the size of the "temp" file folder under this path "C:\windows\" What the"Junk files created by Windows" do is just check and delete the files under this folder and it's sub folder. You also can compare wise care 365 with wise disk cleaner. Download Wise Disk Cleaner from here:http://www.wisecleaner.com/wisediskcleanerfree.html
  4. Download and upload speed is depend on your network and the server's limits which you are connecting. Change your computer is no meaning!
  5. Please refer these topic: http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/5580-programs-open-slow/
  6. Have you running several programs at the same time? Close some of them an uninstall some unnecessary. Don't let too much programes execute at windows system startup.
  7. Maybe it was caused by a software which you have installed. Please refer this topic http://forum.wisecle...-of-death-help/
  8. Hi sciarico, The only method I know that is system restore. Don't use Advance system care again. Maybe you can get what you want from here :http://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html
  9. Hi and welcome,hammamikamel You need to come up with more concrete information as we can work up some of it, before we can remedy you with your problem.
  10. http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/5092-previously-hidden-folder-reappears-after-being-deleted/
  11. Delete it manually. It should not a Trojan software. Are you using Android OS mobile? You must installed mobogenie product in the past.Do you knew this software? http://www.mobogenie.com/en-us/tutorials.html
  12. Did the problem appear when you are surfing the internet? In most cases,it not caused by user instead of sever. as user,you just can wait for a moment or a long time and then login again.
  13. A strong possibility! Maybe your hard disk need a check a soon as possible. Good luck!
  14. Hi Brewhuff737, Check your network,does it in good conditon? If the problem not caused by your bad network,you can try reset your browser.
  15. Hi Gta0152, Is this your desktop? It's beautiful!
  16. Hi Kennedy, You need to come up with more concrete information( e.g. what you have done with your PC before this problem occur).
  17. Hi hakim, Please offer more information about this issue.
  18. Hi WmohrCHS, Try to solve the issue with the last item listed in Wise PC 1stAid. Reinstall you system if Wise PC 1stAid ineffective.
  19. Hi Michae, The problem of missing NVRD 32.sys may caused by trojan program. To solve this problem you can go to a SYS download site ,download the file version suitable for the program, copied to the appropriate directory. Can be solved. You can try the attach files. nvrd32.zip
  20. Would you please describe your problem in detail and in English for us to further help?
  21. Hi Dani, Have you installed any antivirus software? Which anti-virus software are you using? Maybe, your problem is caused by antivirus software.
  22. Hi CherubAngel, Try this first: Press the Windows key + R Type “taskschd.msc” Press the Enter key Click on the Task Scheduler Library folder Right-click on the BackgroundContainer task Select "Delete” Regards, -WKK
  23. Hi Vasudeva, Please try to fix the issue with 1stAid first. If 1stAid can not resolve this problem ,Please check the installation directory of these programs,Whether there is an executable program in installation directory. such as Wise care 365,it's default installation directory is C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Care 365.In this directory,WiseCare365.exe is the executable program. You need reinstall these programs if the executable program lose,
  24. Hi Frami 1,Copy "zlib.dll" to C: \ Windows \ System32 2,Open"Start---Run---enter regsvr32 dll" zlib.zip
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