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  1. In Disk Cleaner, there is a section to clean "files" and another for "traces". Am familiar with the named files on disk that can be a folder, file, text, executable, DLL, etc., but can you describe just what the "traces" are? I never heard of them... I looked in the online help, but no explanation there... Thank you.
  2. Yes, the new version lists the unchecked items that have not been optimized.
  3. I could not find a 'testimonial' section, so just wanted to mention how pleased I am with the WRC ! The "System Tuneup" feature alone yielded faster loads, screen displays, etc, in my Windows XP. Of, course, I have no idea what all the things the System Tuneup did or how it did them (maybe just as well). I would have liked that WRC would kept the list of items displayed (and checked or unchecked, like other screens) as they disappear after it "tunes" them. I have now discontinued using CCleaner which I used for years. Thanks! p.s. my Internet access is via broadband (Virgin Mobile "Broadband2Go"), so I assume the Internet speed-up in the System Tuneup did not affect its performance? (Should I have unchecked it?)
  4. After I created a backup, I see in the restore window where it lists the backup, but in what folder does it create the backup. Do I need to use the Wise program to restore it or can I do it manually if I no longer have the Wise program? Thank you,
  5. I just installed Wise Registry Cleaner, but noticed in the Windows Start Menu that no uninstall option is listed (commonly done) (?) Thanks
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