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Brand New Version Of Wise Care 365 --: 3.0 Beta

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Thank you for your suggestion.

But, I'm not sure how many users like this feature, lock its position.


We will consider it.

Thank you!

Thank you :)

Just a suggestion though, lockable and unlockable option to current position, because 'for me' it's a little annoying for it to be dragged when clicking optimize and putting it back again to my desired position. :)

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After installed (and portabilized :)) the new 3.09.263 Wise Care 365 version:

1) System cleaner, Registry cleaner, each area selected, deep scan enabled, will cause the loss of the license key (for WiseCare365 PRO versions, obviously)

Menu, (click on) change your license key will cause the loss of the license key (for WiseCare365 PRO versions, obviously)

2) At least with italian keyboards, the character @ (at) can not be entered manually inside EITHER menu, register, activate your license key, email entry OR menu, change your license key, email entry.

We (italian people) MUST use the combinations EITHER ALT GR + ò OR CTRL + ALT + ò to make appear the @ character; see Italian Keyboard layout.

Yes, we can always use the CTRL + C combination to paste the entire email address (or the @ only) in that entry (and the other informations to the other entries), but that's a shortcut for intermediate/advanced users and not for beginners (IMHO).



3) New attachicon.gifItalian.ini.zip (I have added .zip only to italian.ini, i.e. you should only remove the .zip extension)

4) I can't (download and) change the theme using the CAT one (in the second page).



Ehm: Using Windows 8.1, update 1, x64, c:\windows.

It seems that problems 1 and 4 have been corrected... See point 3 (new italian.ini) and point 2 (with an italian keyboard, the @ character can not be used when registering the product).

Two other problems, regarding the translation, in privacy protector/password generator: I can't translate "the password generator will help you create a strong password" and "password length", because I can't find their strings in the english.ini.

I think these problems are true for each Language file.

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1, About memory size error, we have got it. we will fix it asap.
2, About graphic temperature, I guess your graphic card is an Integrated graphic card. There is a problem to get integrated graphic card temperature, we are working hard to fix it.
3. About language option.
   I don't think this is necessary. v2 has this option, but v3 don't need it. wise care 365 v3 will auto match user's system language. I think this is more easily for user.
   I saw your disk is 320 GB, all language files are total less than 5 MB. Do you really need  to free up 5 MB disk space?
4, About Google Chrome 37.0.2031.2 Dev *64
   Wise care 365 v3 can detect it, but we have not test it. Can you help us to do it?
5, About your tool Remove WiseBoot.zip
    We don't recommend to use it. I don't know when you remove this service whether may cause other problem. 
    This is a part of Wise Care 365.


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Thank you for your feedback. And thank you for your translation.


1, Sorry, I don't know that is difficult to enter @ for Italian user. 

    But we will try to fix it.


2, About translation problem, please try to search:



If you still cannot find it, you can add it in your file.

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Dear Users,




Kindly inform you that we have released the newly upgraded official version 3 of Wise Care 365, while the Beta version of it has been closed. If you find other issues, please promote it in the module of Wise Care 365 instead of here.


Frankly speaking, without your help, Wise Care 365 won’t be so perfect. So I would like to express my grateful to all of you. 


As we promised, the reward for you who reported the error on Beta version will be announced in the following days.

Please continue to keep an eye on the forums.


Thanks again for your testing and advice!


Best Regards,

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Dear All users,

In order to make the newly released Wise Care 365 v3 more efficient and perfect, we encourage each of you to write down the suggestions on how to both improve our product and our customer services.  We will provide the free license keys for the users whose suggestions we choose to implement. The valid date of the license key is about half a year. If you are already a Pro version user, we will extend your expiry date as a reward. I know the best ideas come from our users, and I look forward to your suggestions. :) 

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