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WiseAutoShutdown feature requests, bug reports, updated translations


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Hi meisenkaiser .

It's a freeware, from the beginning until now.

Hi xilolee.

Thank you.... at installation the terms of use indicates that you should contact wise when using the app for commercial purpose.


Is it possible to restart the system 2 (or better 3) times with this app?

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at installation the terms of use indicates that you should contact wise when using the app for commercial purpose.

Yes, but I think you should contact them directly by email: support AT wisecleaner DOT com


Is it possible to restart the system 2 (or better 3) times with this app?

I think no, for now.

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Hi Nutt.

What OS are you using? (examples: Win7 32bit home basic without service pack, Win8.1 x64 enterprise)

Where do you cancel the task from?

From Wise AutoShutdown or from Windows task scheduler?


Hi xilolee,


My PC is running Win7 Ultimate 64bit with service pack 1 and I cancel the task from Wise AutoShutdown and already uninstall it. Checked in the Windows task scheduler there is no more schedule but the PC still shutdown.

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From an elevated command prompt, launch the following command:

schtasks /query /fo table /nh > "%userprofile%\desktop\TasksList.txt"
It probably won't work from a standard profile (Windows user account).

At least, it didn't work in my machine (win8.1 x64)... I had to change standard to administrator.

(In the meanwhile, I'll make some tests.)

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Do you use the latest v1.49.77?

How it happen? When you click the Start button to create the daily task?

Yes, yes.

I.e.: latest version (I was updating all freebies and checking all the translations) and at creation of a daily task.

Windows 10 standard (updated from Windows 8/8.1) and DEP (Data Execution Prevention) Always ON.

I don't remember if I tried without DEP (in last months).

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All the other tasks work correctly!


However, here it is:

set time automatically: on
adjust for daylight saving time automatically: on
(in italy, +1h from last sunday of march to last sunday of october; this year 29 march and 25 october)
UTC +01:00 (italian/european)
first day: monday
short date: 11/09/2015
long date: venerdì 11 settembre 2015
short time: 06.29
long time: 06.29.33

Anyway, in previous versions, every other tasks worked correctly and the bug was present only on the daily task.
If you don't remember/know the (old) bug:
1) open WAS
2) start a daily task, activate/enable it
3) right-click the WAS icon in system tray, exit
4) check the task scheduler: the task will be there (it should be deleted by WAS on exit, like its other tasks)
5) re-open WAS: the daily task is present yet (and running)

(The other tasks were cancelled, instead, after WAS closure.)

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Hi Ivan!

I forgot to write I'm using the portable version... Anyway I'll try this, of course!

Edit: tried it now: another old bug appears:

1) open WAS

2) start a task (any) and activate/enable it

3) the task will go in the system tray

4) move the task from the visible system tray to the hidden system tray

5) open the hidden system tray (click the little arrow) and you'll find WAS icon (and maybe other icons), but don't move it from there

6) double-left-click the WAS icon

7) WAS should stuck and a window should appear saying something like:

- title: wise auto shutdown

- body: wiseautoshutdown.exe has stopped working - a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

- buttons on the same line: debug - close program


Video, compressed with 7zip: WAS-BUG.zip



Windows 10 standard, Windows firewall, Windows antivirus (defender), WAS version: used yours in your previous post, DEP AlwaysOn, custom scaling level: larger 150% set from Control Panel\Appearance and Personalisation\Display - set a custom scaling level.

I set DEP AlwaysOn from the command line (OptIn is the default setting): bcdedit /set {current} nx alwayson




Edit 17/09/2015 01:00 (italian time):

I have tried now without DEP alwayson (I've set it to optin) and with normal scaling.

The problem remains.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

1, Computer startup feature at the optional times.

    Do you means you want setup computer to startup at a specific time? If yes, wise auto shutdown will be defined as Trojans by most antivirus software. So, we can't add this function.

2, Program Interface color skins including Windows color option.

    Do you means you want to custom the interface color?

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Hi Admin:

Thanks for your quick reply.

Ad 1 Your program is not defined as any Virus that is why I do not understand that provided with system start up function will be defined as Trojan.

Ad 2 Yes, I mean to custom the program color interface especially to dark background and white fonts like Windows OS High Contrast feature for example.


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I've been using this product for a few weeks now and it has been running smoothly till date. I only have one suggestion, if it is possible to integrate. You could add a days of the week feature for the daily shutdown menu. Many people might like their PC shutting down automatically during the week if they forgot to shut down manually but would like for it to stay on over the weekend. You know like the alarm function on most smartphones these days.


Thanks and regards,


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You see, Windows power has 5 status, shutdown, restart, sleep, log off, change log, hibernate.
shutdown, sleep and hibernate, all programs will be closed. if you want to start up/ wake up system, you must press Power button or a specific key. A third-party program cannot instead of your fingers.
There is a way to let your computer auto start up, only suitable for your own

1, press Power button to start up, then press Delete key constantly until you enter the BIOS settings
2,  Select Power tab -> Power Up Control, you will see the option Automatic Power Up (or Resume By Alarm), it is Disabled. You can press PageDown, change to Enable, then you will see more options, select Every Day or By Date, when you finish settings, please remember to Save Changes.
I don't know your motherboard model, I can't give you details.

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