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Restore Internet Browser History


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I need and use my Internet Explorer history to navigate the Internet and organize my time on it. This afternoon I ran Wise Care 365 and while it was dealing with what it called privacy risks, it deleted my history. Fortunately it didn't do it to my other browsers, but IE is the one I use the most and so the one with the most links that I care about and try to maintain. I would be very grateful and appreciative if anyone told me how to get it back or undo the 'fix.'


If it helps, my version is 2.47.195.

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You need to pay attention to 3 items:

1, If you don't want to clean IE and other browsers's history

    Before you run PC Check, please click Custom Checkup button--->expand Computer Traces--->uncheck Microsoft Internet Explorer address bar history and other Explorer MRUs 


2, When you run Wise care 365--->System Cleaner--->Common Cleaner--->Traces In Computer, expand Internet Browsing History, do not check Microsoft Internet Explorer Active History and Microsoft Internet Explorer address bar history


3, When you run Privacy Eraser, before your clean it, uncheck History of Visited Pages


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