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Advanced Cleaner issue!


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I am not aware that it is intended to also remove empty folders when searching for (and removing) invalid shortcuts. My assumption was that the shortcut would be invalid because it pointed to an empty folder but the empty folder would remain. Can someone from Wise confirm my conclusions? 

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I.e., after you cleaned the invalid shortcuts through Advanced Cleaner, do you run the common cleaner - invalid start menues, clean them, but they are not cleaned?

I tried that too before I post the issue. By the way, you need to know the program a little more!

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Hi saad,

Sorry for reply you late.

I understand your meaning, let me explain it.


Advanced Cleaner, it will scan all drives of yours (C: & D: & E: ...) , just remove Invalid Shortcuts, not include its folder. (remove its folder is very dangerous, we don't know the folder whether contain other files.)

Common Cleaner, it will scan C: drive, remove Invalid Start Menu, include invalid shortcuts and folder.


Do you understand?

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