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Wise Program Uninstaller has deleted half of my files on disk(100GB)

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I have downloaded a portable WPU at the official site today , and uninstalled a program by it.


Then I found WPU deleting files at the folder of C:/.../Microsoft Office/Shared files/.. 


It's strange.


After some seconds, WPU finished deleting, I couldn't find my Office links, what's more, I find my D Disk has lost its half data!!!


My D Disk always has 270+GB data, but now it was only 170GB.


Many many important data has been lost.


What's the matter????


How can I recovery my data! It's very very serious.




My OS: Windows 8 Pro eng x64


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A similar problem I had too.

I installed the WVD in folder D:\Program Files (x 86) believing it will create a folder ("wise" or "wvd" or similar) and seeing that settled bulk, I run the uninstall.exe to reinstall the program in the correct folder.

The result was DESTRUCTION. Deleted all the programs (4 GB) that were in that folder.


With Wise Data Recovery I was able to retrieve about 2/3 of files but with effort 2 days and manually copy multiple files. Tragic.


Why there is no portable version for this program?


I guess the same thing happens with other wise programs that use the same installer.

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