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  1. Thanks, it work well now
  2. Hi I still can't add special characters when I use the 'Alt Gr' button + 2,3,4,7,8,9,0 and other buttons. Why can I not do that?
  3. Hi Wise Wow! What a excellent makeover - Me like it There is a small 'minor flaws' in the 'Password' section. One can not enter @, £, {, [, ], }... and the 'Special Characters' are checkmarked
  4. Hi saurabh28k Did you do something before this problem? Otherwise - You could try this method: Take ownership of...
  5. Hi I've send it as email to Rebecca ('The desk lady') She said, she has forwarded it to the tech department. I can pm you as a precaution...
  6. Sorry for my very hobbling and late reply.. I forgot to say thank you
  7. Hmm.. Well, I'm not sure if I will... I'm just kidding.. Of course I'll help with it I can
  8. Hi Wise guys and Happy New Year! I think it's good that you're trying to 'expand' the horizon Since I use Firefox, I think it's a bit wrong that one 'must' have IE installed to use the program It Looks Like when I trying to start the program and after I press 'OK':
  9. Hi Djoko and welcome If it does not work with 'Safe Uninstall', try 'Forced Uninstall' Or please tell what type 'Baidu' you've got installed on your PC
  10. Hi and welcome, barb It would help us tremendously if you possibly could provide a screenshot after you have tried to move files, folders, or something like that. Since it might be several things that 'performed' into this case, and through this way, we may find the result, as we can better assess the problem and release it quite 'painlessly' In advance, thank you
  11. Hi No offense, but ... but can you hear me?!
  12. Hi I've marked the places which are in English, where everything is my language.. Is it possible to get the words listed, so I can get it translated?
  13. Sorry for my haltingly answer, but it is indeed me who thanks
  14. Hi everybody I have foreseen and envisaged a possible combination of 'Video Downloader' and 'Video Converter' I may have forgotten some details along the way, but I will leave it to our knowledgeable tech Group. The Latin word Exigo has many meanings, but fairly loosely translated, it means' to decide (I think) I hope you like about my vision of the possible 'Exigo'... PS: I hope, I've posted it in right place...
  15. Hi khan6575 Sorry for my late reply.. See the picture, and you'll understand what I mean
  16. Hi and welcome, PatrickC7 It slows down the PC if you uninstall programs now and then. Do remember this, there are always copies of files in the system as programs are added, in case if you had regretted uninstallation, they are quicker to be back . And it is probably these files that are to be blamed. Now I have not Windows 8 and do not know what they have 'said' to you, but have you tried the following and restart the PC: 1. to use the 'Disk Eraser'? 2. defragmenting your hard drive(s)? 3. to uninstall completely with the program 'Wise Program Uninstaller' and reinstall WC365 again? Have it in mind: 1. and 2. will take time depending on the size of hard drive(s) It's just a shot in the dark
  17. Hi April Hey .. No need to sorry - I too have been busy (still) - at work. It just shows we're only human... Thank you for your appreciation Hand!
  18. Hi and welcome, ads Try the section with red button in PC 1stAid.
  19. Hi and welcome, bruna Try the section with red button in PC 1stAid Otherwise try Wise Care 365 (Direct link) to give it a 'push'
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