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  1. I have a HP QUAD Core - running Windows 8 Pro - with 16 GB of RAM, 750 GB HD. I have installed Wise Care 365 Pro that updates to version 2.63. Even though Wise Care 365 Pro is selected to run at Windows Start Up - It doesn't. I have emailed Technical Support at least 6 or 8 times trying to get this solved. They -Technical Support have no solution for this - and here-to-fore have no solution. The optimization of windows start up speed - for the program runs - does run. It generates a dialog box and when "speed up" is selected - The program generates a message that states that the Software needs the user - Me to optimize it in manual - because the software is not set to run automatically at Start Up - AND the beat goes on.- And this cycle goes round and round. Wise Care 365 Pro has NO Solution for this.
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