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  1. Please clarify your problem in English. Thanks.
  2. Try the 12th solution in Wise PC 1stAid, thanks.
  3. Please just try to resolve the issue with the fourth solution in Wise PC 1stAid. Thanks.
  4. Do you mean that you want to retrieve the video you deleted before? If so, we suggest you try Wise Data Recovery. The link:  http://www.wisecleaner.com/soft/WDR.zip Thanks.
  5. Did you try the last solution in Wise PC 1stAid?
  6. You are welcome! Any other question, just feel free to contact us, thank you very much for your support!
  7. You can't click?Please offer us more infomation about your problem. Thanks.
  8. We suggest you try the 12th and the last solution in Wise PC 1stAid. Thanks.
  9. A test post? If not, please specify your problem to us. Thanks. Could you provide more details for us to see clear about your problem?Any error message or snapshot?Thanks.
  10. Would you please specify your issue?Thanks.
  11. Please offer the details about your issue. Thanks.
  12. Would you please clarify your issue?Any error message or snapshot about your problem? Thanks.
  13. Please specify your issue, thanks.
  14. If the method above still does not work, please just uncheck the "Norton identity protection", then the norton tool bar will disapear from your Google Chrome. Refer to the screenshot below. Thanks.
  15. You can not shut down your PC? Could you clarify your problem in English? Thanks.
  16. Could you please tell us the detailed information of your problem? If possible, please post a screenshot about your issue here. Thanks.
  17. Please specify your issue in English?Thanks.
  18. Please try the 12th solution in Wise PC 1stAid. Thanks.
  19. Try the last solution in Wise PC 1stAid to speedup your slow PC. Thanks.
  20. Try the 3rd solution in Wise PC 1stAid please. Thanks.
  21. Would you please re-post this picture?Thank you for your cooperation.
  22. You can try the 1st item in Wise PC 1stAid first, if still can not work, try the method below. Go here: http://www.stardock..../span>packager/ and get the trial version of IconPackager, install it, use it to switch to any icon package, then switch back (if you want to) the standard windows icons. Thanks!
  23. Would you please specify your issue in English? Thanks.
  24. Open your system. And go to your run command. Now to go to the run command just press the start button and there you can find a search bar and writer there CMD. Now after writing CMD there you will see that it shows CMD option. Just right click on that and select run as administrator. Remember that you have select CMD option by running it as administrator. After that when it opens up the command prompt just write a command- “SLMGR –REARM” on that. After giving this command just press enter. It will take few minutes and after that it shows you this prompt which is given by script host. 10. Reboot your PC. Thanks.
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