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Update Renewal Problem


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I just renewed my license, received my license key, but I have no idea how to update. When I click on WiseCare to open the program, the window telling me I need to renew is still popping up. 


Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.

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I suggest you mail '[email protected]' with the details of your transaction with Paypal - I then got a reply with a workaround to add my code to Wise 365 pro (I can't give that info here as I suspect it will contravene forum rules)  - It may be a good idea to use the email address you bought 365 with as the address you contact support with.


Hope this helps  Paul


Can respectfully I suggest to Wise Cleaner that some info be put in the FAQ's regarding renewal issues or a way to add a code to an already activated Wise 365 without having to contact support or to post on this forum, this may be helpful to other users who renew & wonder why a renewal payment does not appear to have been accepted?

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