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WiseJetSearch feature requests, bug reports, updated translations

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Hey Georg,

Thanks for your feedback.

This issue may caused by RAID, we didn't test wise jet search in RAID.

We will check it and fix it shortly,

This issue is probably reproducable without RAID using two external disks and removing the first disk.

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Hey Georg,



You means, plug in 2 external disks (not using RAID), then open Wise Jetsearch, then remove one external disk, this will reproduce the issue?

If I'm wrong, please detail your steps.


You are right. Assume you have 2 internal disks, disk 0 and disk 1. When you plug in 2 external disks these will be disk 2 and disk 3. When you remove disk 2 then there will be a gap between disk 1 and disk 3.

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JetSearch doesn't seem to search the entire drive as Everything Search does. It is much faster if it would only find all copies that you search for.

Examples below:

search:       shell32.dll

Everything search     48 entries
JetSearch    44 entries

search:           ExplorerFrame.dll

Everything search     30 entries
JetSearch        26 entries


These are just two of the 15 I checked and Everything search always found more entres.

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windows 10

Wise Jetsearch finds the documents I search for, but when you click on the mouse left hand side  to open a file, it does not. Tested all the functions that you can find when you click on the right-hand-side button of the mouse.

I reinstalled the software, but the functions do not work.

is this a bug in the software?

thank you for your help.

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Hi xilolee,

Thanks for your feedback.


When changing language, the language in "quick search" window won't be updated.

I will forward it to the developer team.



And when closing the main window, the "quick search" window won't be closed: I'd add an option to close it together with the main window.

Yes, it is correct. If the user doesn't like the Quick Search, he can uncheck the option "Run Quick Search" in the Menu.

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