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Wise Care 365 vs. Wise Registry Cleaner

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So what's the deal with Wise Care 365?  Does it by any chance require, only work on very fast and powerful computers?  Is there a minimum Processor that a computer must have in order for Wise Care 365 to work properly?


Last year when I first tried Wise Care 365, it was on my old Dell GX280 Small Form Factor with only a Pentium 4 processor and either 1 or 2 Gig of RAM running Windows XP Home SP3.  As I recall, as soon as I would try the Registry Cleaner function, my GX280's CPU fan would quickly start spinning at top speed, sounding like a helicopter.  And the scanning would immediately go into a snail's pace crawl to the point that I would quickly have to abort.  Yet, the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner (PortableApps.com version) would scan quickly, without a problem and without remotely making my GX280 break a sweat.


Now that I have a Dell Optiplex 780 with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 4 Gig of RAM running Windows XP Pro SP3, the other day I again decided to give Wise Care 365 another shot.  This computer being a much more powerful and quieter computer, the CPU fan does not go into top speed helicopter mode when running a scan with the Registry Cleaner function.  But, the scan does take a noticeably, undeniably LONG time at 4 minutes and 35 seconds!  That while the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner took all of 13 seconds ... and found the SAME 41 items that it took Wise Care 365's Registry Cleaner function 4 minutes and 35 seconds to find.   :o 


So what's going on?

(1)  Is Wise Care 365 not meant for older, weak Pentium era computers with Windows XP?


(2)  Why does the Wise Care 365 Registry Cleaner function take wayyy longer to complete a scan vs. the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner ... while finding the same amount of items?  From what I see, I'm tempted to reason that maybe it's that the Wise Care 365 Registry Cleaner function is wayyy more thorough than the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner ... even though ultimately the same amount of items are found by both.  Because it's not like the Wise Care 365 Registry Cleaner function is scanning at a crawl on my Dell Optiplex 780.  No.  I see that it's actually scanning very speedily.  It appears to be checking a lot of something.  Unless it's an optical illusion, I'm tempted to think that the Wise Care 365 Registry Cleaner function scans a ton more Registry Entries than the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner.  I just keep going back to that in the end, ultimately both apps find the same amount of items.  Odd.  :wacko:   :blink: 

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I hope you ticked the same entries and the same mode (either both deep or both fast) for both programs.
And that you set them with the same exclusions.
I usually get longer times when I tick activex, file types and empty keys.
Without them, the scan lasts about 4 seconds in WRC 9.35 and 8.83, and 10 seconds in Wise Care 365 4.53.
Therefore it seems indeed that wise care 365 is a bit slower (but I did these tries without the same exclusions).
Fixed the exclusions in the three programs (they have got all the same exclusions now).
Scan times with all the entries ticked (all portable versions):
WRC9.35: 40s (same result with 9.38)
WRC8.83: 45s
WCare365 4.53: 80s (same result with 4.55)

There's something wrong...

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I no longer have Wise Care 365 installed.  But, as I recall, it didn't have a Fast scan mode.  It only had Default, Safe and Custom modes.  I believe I tried both Default and Safe modes and they were pretty much the same ... LONG.


On the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner 9.38, the Fast scan took the aforementioned 13 seconds.  The Deep scan took 20 seconds.  They all check all the categories.  I agree that the ActiveX category is the most time-consuming of all the categories.  But, even then, the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner 9.38 takes only 7 seconds with the ActiveX category.  This while Wise Care 365 takes several eternities with the ActiveX category.


So yeah, I agree ... there's something definitely wrong with Wise Care 365.


For example, I installed Glary Utilities Portable 5.69 on that same day.  And neither its Glary Tracks Eraser nor its Glary Disk Cleaner take remotely ANYWHERE near 4 minutes.  Neither did my old Glary Utilities Portable 2.56.  And neither does JetClean.


Well, hopefully the Devs see this thread.

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Wise care 365 has got three modes (menu, settings, cleaner), like WRC8: default scan, safe scan and deep scan.

WRC9 has got only two modes: fast scan (that's the safe scan) and deep.


I called improperly the safe mode "fast", because it checks less items and because in WRC9 it is called fast.


By the way I also noted some improper behaviors in windows xp (I have a friend that still uses it): IIRC, the defrag function and the new boot booster setting (in menu, settings, boot booster).

Maybe I thought it was normal a longer scan with the registry cleaner on windows xp (and a slower processor and ram), but I didn't try WRC9 to compare it with WCare365.

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I didn't get around to checking much of any of the other functions in Wise Care 365.  I was quickly turned off by the fact that the Registry Cleaner function, which I use often and regularly, was obviously seriously flawed.  I immediately figured, "With this major Pterodactyl in the Oinment, I'm not gonna be adding Wise Care 365 to my Flash Drive arsenal of tools.  So, I cut my exploration session way short.

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this is a great a-i-o solution ive used for years and im sure when this is ironed out you'll be impressed.

I'm posting to validate your concern.. M y entire post last night was explainig how i have the same pc's as you [GX and optiplex]

im a 2yr wise 365 owner, never had issues with the reg cleaner, XP or a slow scan and boot.


i took screens to show you how i did a similar test and everything was fine. Then right as i was about to pat myself on the back for a job.......somewhat done i hit a key and an hour's worth of work was gone. I stewed until i ran wise today.....it hung on the scan, my pc was slow and boot was long. In short i was now experiencing similar issues. If the developer wants a true bug report it's this thread.

im going to post my screens from last night showing normal use and results.


i was fortunate to be able to duplicate the issue. The trigger was using the reg defrag.......after that it all went to hell and my pc acted the same as chim. since i knew what caused it i simply used the restore function and im 100% back to normal. I'm not entirely comfortable calling this a bug......we are using Xp which could entail several versions and service packs, the other programs that work fine don't indicate anything really but any program could be causing a conflict, I think the reason restore/backup warnings appear b4 we use these features are because messing with the registry is like making small talk with a skitzoid....it doesnt take much to put em out of whack and it can go very south very quick.


also included is an html file with my system info for analysis if needed

i am using 365 4.55 pro








System Information Report.html

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Great to see you dropping by to report and chime in on this problem with Wise Care 365, Cloaker.  The more users that pop in and mention their similar problems, the more evidence there is and the more theoretical likelihood that the Wise Devs will look into this.


The $64,000 question is:  HAS so much as ONE Wise Dev already seen this thread?  :blink:


I'm hoping, assuming that Xilo as a Moderator has connections with the Devs and has maybe given them a heads up.


As to whether this is a bug or not?

Well, I see it this way.  The Glary Disk Cleaner and Glary Tracks Eraser within Glary Utilities 5.69 that I installed just the other day function EXACTLY as and take the SAME amount of time to scan as the standalone versions of those 2 apps.  Therefore, I see no reason why the Wise Registry Cleaner within Wise Care 365 shouldn't function EXACTLY as and take the SAME amount of time to scan as the standalone version of Wise Registry Cleaner.


Otherwise, what use is it?  The idea is to with Wise Care 365 have a one stop, all tool maintenance bonanza within ONE app.  The way it stands right now, it'd be a case of something like  --- oh, most of its tools are fine ... just don't use the Registry Cleaner and the Registry Defrag.  It wouldn't be that desired ONE app treasure chest.

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i only touched on that assertion because i have just enough coding experience to know why this isn't relevant at this point-


"The Glary Disk Cleaner and Glary Tracks Eraser within Glary Utilities 5.69 that I installed just the other day function EXACTLY as and take the SAME amount of time to scan as the standalone versions of those 2 apps.  Therefore, I see no reason why the Wise Registry Cleaner within Wise Care 365 shouldn't function EXACTLY as and take the SAME amount of time to scan as the standalone version of Wise Registry Cleaner." 


essentially your using common sense based on your observations and that is why your convinced this is a detail worth noting- it may end up that way but 999 times out of 1000 , in the world of code , you have to replace common sense with variables, flow, pc logic and over all experience to improve the troubleshooting accuracy.

The developer will point out Glary and Wise use different routines and code to accomplish these tasks and that alone makes the above impossible unless the same developer did all programs. 


These all in ones are tough because everything needs to flow efficiently allowing easy navigation without conflicts between modules. The code is different between the 2 brands, the gui, the routines and clock cycles it takes to run....there are so many variables.  The only way you can expect the same out of wise is if it was the same code- they scan and work totally different where as glary seems to be just calling the routines and creating the impression they are integrated.  this prob hasnt happened in 2 years so i will keep an eye on the next release. 


For me the question is what does wise modify as part of its defrag routine in xp?  something is conflicting from within the gui AFTER the process runs or a residual affect is created but im not sure we will get much on this with Xp  being the focus. There will be a point they will have to end support for it and these are the instances that lead too it.   We'll see right :)






new version today address reg dfrag and scan amongst others- testing it now

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I know Wise and Glarysoft don't use the same code and the same Devs.  But, no matter how it gets reasoned and explained away ... inferior functionality shouldn't be excused / given a pass simply for the convenience of being part of an All In One package.  No matter how the functions get executed / carried out behind the scenes by ANY of this type of apps, bottom line, no ands, ifs or buts, the Registry Cleaner function within Wise Care 365 takes a mega LONG time vs ANY of this type of app be it All In One or standalone.


I use CCleaner, Glary Disk Cleaner, Glary Tracks Eraser, Glary Utilities, JetClean, Wise Disk Cleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner and even some of the tools within Revo Uninstaller.  And NONE of those take anywhere remotely close to 4 minutes to accomplish any of their scanning functions.  They all take seconds.


What the reason is for the mega LONG scanning time with Wise Care 365's Registry Cleaner function, I have no idea.   :huh:  The bottom line reality is that it exists.  And I sure hope that they do fix the issue so that I can use Wise Care 365.  Cuz I do like and use some of the other great Wise products like Wise Disk Cleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner, Wise Program Uninstaller and Wise Video Downloader.


I've never tried a Registry Defragger, be it a Wise product or any other app.  Defragging the Registry makes me wayyy too leery of disaster.  If I were to FUBAR my computer into a non-booting status all because of too much curiosity with defragging the Registry, that would be it.  My computer would be toast.  I don't have the System Recovery / Windows Reinstall CD for it.  So I just leave that area of maintenance alone.

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Hey guys. :)
I can confirm you WC365 registry scan time isn't normal at the moment (because I/we already checked that in the past and the scan times were about the same; it is written here in the forum but I can't remember the topic): WC365 registry scan should be somewhat near the same as WRC one.
It could change within seconds, but it shouldn't be the double of the other one.
Just leave the time to the developer/s to correct this problem. ;)

Today I experienced the same boot booster setting issue (as written in my previous reply) in a friend's machine: windows vista 32bit sp2.
I couldn't compare the registry scan times with WRC (but it was long enough).

The comparisons with other software (not from this developer) is another topic, by the way.

And I used and use other software for the registry cleaner, but I still prefer this one (I just miss the multiple selections: shift+click, ctrl+click, shift+arrows, i.e. the normal behaviour in windows -_-).


For example, now I compared WRC 8 with wisecleaner bigger competitor (I will let you guess who is): WRC 47 seconds and 419 items found; the other one 8 seconds and 16 items.

Another one 26 seconds and 89 items.

Another one 22 seconds and 125 items.

(I could continue...)

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Thanks for confirming that, Xilo.


The thing was whether, as is the case with any software product when an issue is discussed on that product's forum ... there was the unknown of whether the Devs had already seen this thread and / or already knew about the issue.  A lot of times on various forums, we're left to wonder whether our feedback was ever even seen.


Anyway, cool.  We'll wait and hope that on some later version these issues are fixed.  B)

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to be clear i never had an issue until i used the reg dfrag and it was just recently of course, never a reg scan issue but then again that was never meant tp simply click everything, run it and press clean understanding what was actually happening. I meantioned earlier whatever the issue it came after dfrag was used then even a simple main sceen 'check' would hang at the registry section. i restored it and all was good. Last night i updated to 4.55.433 and thought these 2 issues were mentioned/ addressed. im just assuming its the same problem

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Thanks for your feedback!

Now we are trying to fix it.



Wise Care 365 v4.56 is released.

We did a test, WRC 9.41: 38s

                       W365 4.30: 117s

                       W365 4.56: 77s

We will keep on improving it.

Edited by wisecleaner_admin
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All right, I have just finished checking out the latest Wise Care 365 Portable




(1) The Registry Cleaning function's scanning time improved a LOT! No more 4 minutes plus. I compared Wise Care 365's DEEP Scan against the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner's DEEP scan. This time around Wise Care 365's Registry Cleaning function scanning time was only between 44 to 47 SECONDS! YES! Very Good! It was still a tiny bit slower than the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner's 19 to 22 seconds, but still very good ... acceptable.


It was very acceptable because on the plus side, I really liked that Wise Care 365's Registry Cleaning function's Results Layout was the old style that I prefer. AND it has noticeably better, more useful DETAILS vs the standalone Wise Registry Cleaner's new style Results Layout.


(2) Then ... my testing revealed a HUGE advantage of Wise Care 365's Disk Cleaner function over the standalone Wise Disk Cleaner function. With all the settings set exactly the same between Wise Care 365 and the standalone Wise Disk Cleaner, there was mysteriously a HUGE discrepancy in the scans findings / results between the 2 apps.


The HUGE discrepancy was in that in the Junk Files Created by Applications category ... Wise Care 365's Disk Cleaner function was obviously detecting my Maxthon Cloud Browser's 2000 plus Cache items. This while the standalone Wise Disk Cleaner 9.41's Junk Files Created by Applications category was detecting NOTHING ... ZERO! That's right. My standalone Wise Disk Cleaner Portable 9.41 was not detecting, not seeing, not finding my Maxthon Cloud Browser's 2000 plus Cache items while Wise Care 365's Disk Cleaner function WAS.


Sooo ... I'm guessing that's a BUG in Wise Disk Cleaner 9.41. Because I can't believe there should be such a glaring discrepancy in the Junk Files Created by Applications category between the 2 apps.


So overall ... bottom line --- Good job and Kudos to the Wise Devs for the huge improvement on Wise Care 365! I'm impressed and happy.


Now it's standalone Wise Disk Cleaner that needs a looksee to see what's going on in that Junk Files Created by Applications category.


I still have to explore and test some of the other functions in Wise Care 365.

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Too bad you probably do not use Maxthon Cloud browser, right Xilo?  That way you could confirm the huge discrepancy issue regarding the Junk Files Created by Applications that I encountered between Wise Care 365 and Wise Disk Cleaner 9.41.  But, no biggie.  I just now ran test scans again and I have no trouble recreating the discrepancy.  As I alluded to before, from the paths that I saw, those Junk Files findings are pretty much the Maxthon Cloud browser Cache.  It's just really odd that Wise Care 365 finds them all and WDC finds none.  :o


At least we both confirmed that there was a huge welcome progress / fix with Wise Care 365.  :)  B)


I downloaded the newer Wise Care 365 Portable this morning.  I have to go install it and try it out.  Although as per the changelog, there don't appear to be any changes to the actual functionality ... just the registering and activation.  But, can't hurt to make sure that there are no regressions.

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That would be great if you can add Maxthon Browser support in the future.  :)  For now I'm using Maxthon Cloud  But, as soon as they polish up MX5 some more, I'll very likely be switching to that.


Another browser that you MIGHT possibly want to consider adding support for is Vivaldi.  I had been following and checking out Vivaldi there in its beginnings.  But, then that plan ended when Vivaldi ended support for Windows XP when Chrome ended support for Windows XP.  Since I have Windows XP, I of course could no longer be periodically testing out Vivaldi.


But, one day when I wind up having a computer with Windows 7 or Windows 10, I'll no doubt check out Vivaldi again.

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