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It does not clean VIVALDI browser.


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As i know, Vivaldi is using chromium kernel, so cleaning Vivaldi should be similar as Google Chrome.

I created a UserCustom.ini for wise disk cleaner, it can clean Vivaldi and Yandex browser. I just begin to use Vivaldi, I'm not sure this file can work perfectly.  


When you download it, please change it to UserCustom.ini, then paste it to WDC folder.



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Did you try the usercustom.ini provided by 云淡风轻?

Did/does it work?


I do not think, that annoymous tabs will help me :)


It works; when I'm in incognito mode, the history won't appear at all:





  • Create a shortcut to Vivaldi.exe and put it on the desktop (or where you prefer)
  • Right-click the shortcut, click properties, go to the shortcut tab, append --incognito in the target entry, click ok
  • Example: I have "installed" (the portable version) in D:\Browsers

    In the target entry I had got D:\Browsers\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe

    I added --incognito and it became D:\Browsers\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe --incognito

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of course I know how to use incognito tab, problem is I want to clear the data in some intervals, not all the time. with annonymous tab I cant look to history and reopen once closed tabs and so on. 
The usercustom.ini or txt works quite fine but not as good as I would expect, I can't choose there what I want to delete or not, it will delete all my files including passwords or nothing...


You know, I love WDC because I can delete history, files in 3 diferent broswers at the sime time by one click as well as garbage all around the computer.

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I have now made a try: I have downloaded and installed Vivaldi (latest x64 version), in its default path (c:\program files\Vivaldi).

WCare365 without usercustom.ini finds:

  • cache
  • localstorage
  • autocomplete form history
  • saved passwords
  • session
With usercustom.ini, it finds also cookies (maybe the WiseCleaner team forgot to add them in the program).


We can tick or untick checkboxes and WCare365 should remember our choices (although I know there's a problem: it sometimes forgets the settings).


Hence, exactly, what do you think it's missing?



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Hi, i'm trying your Wise Disk Cleaner program and i noticed that when cleaning Vivaldi the "Top Sites" file is also removed and this is not good, in this file there are thumbnails of the "Speed Dials" and removing it will lose all thumbnails. I created a rule to exclude this file, but i think it would be better to exclude it by default.

Below is a link explaining what individual files do. https://help.vivaldi.com/article/full-reset-of-vivaldi/#backup

PS: I really like your program.

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