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  1. of course I know how to use incognito tab, problem is I want to clear the data in some intervals, not all the time. with annonymous tab I cant look to history and reopen once closed tabs and so on. The usercustom.ini or txt works quite fine but not as good as I would expect, I can't choose there what I want to delete or not, it will delete all my files including passwords or nothing... You know, I love WDC because I can delete history, files in 3 diferent broswers at the sime time by one click as well as garbage all around the computer.
  2. Any progress by adding it to WDC?
  3. I do not think, that annoymous tabs will help me Never mind, I will just need to wait )
  4. Hello, recently was released new web broswer ( Vivaldi ) from developers of old Opera. It seems to be soon very popular around advanced users. Please improve your cleaner to be able to clean this broswer as well. THANK you, Matt
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