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Blue dead


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I'm probably not label the correct name. Once again the blue death copy this exact name. However, I am almost sure that there is presented
It is true that I searched the NTB and I never found any similar file.

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Hey Jirsen,



Did you install other WiseCleaner products (except Wise Care 365)?


Commonly, when Windows system occur the blue screen death issue, it will create a dump file automatically and save it in C:\Windows\Minidump\ (unless you or other people have changed system settings). So, please check the dump directory settings.

1, Right click on My Computer (the desktop icon)

2, Click Properties

3, Click Advanced system settings

4, Find Start and Recovery, then click Settings

5, In Write debugging information, select Small memory dump (256 KB), then you will see the current dump directory settings.

6, Then open this directory, find the dump file and upload  / email ([email protected]) to us.



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The pagefile.sys MUST be present on the system partition (that is usually C:\).

If it had been disabled in the past, or if it is not present, you can set the pagefile from the same path at point 1 (i.e., open SystemPropertiesAdvanced - Control Panel\System and Security\System - Advanced system settings).

Click the settings... button (on your screen) under the performance frame, select the advanced tab, click the Change... button and set the values of your virtual memory = pagefile.sys - then click set and ok..

They could be equal.

The minimum size is 16MB (on Windows 8.1 x64 - Windows 10 x64).

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Sorry, I didn't understand.
If there is a BSOD, and if you have set the virtual memory/pagefile.sys (in c:, i.e. the system partition), you should find a minidump file in c:\windows\minidump\... As an example: 021516-4250-01.dmp.
You could find c:\windows\memory.dmp, if windows "decided" to create it.

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A few years ago, my computer did not create dump files because of the processor overheating: the power supply fan was not spinning.

Did you try to remove the dust inside your machine? And to check fans? (Be VERY careful, or bring your machine to the assistance!!!)

Are you overclocking or underclocking?

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