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Speedup boot in Windows 10


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I would welcome some advice regarding speeding up the boot time for my Windows 10 tablet PC.


1. Another utility regularly reports my startup time as between 85 and 120 seconds It is far from constant. Wise however normally reports it  as a fairly constant 50 to 55 seconds (which I understand is not bad for my setup). Why the difference and which is likely to be right?


2. In Wise when I click to speed up start it responds that this must be done manually. How? In the Wise Startup Manager I have experimented with switching on and off nearly all the settings --- about half are currently switched to off (I presume these items are just delayed and will launch a short while later?)  However, this has not affected the startup time reported noticeably, it is always 50 to 55 seconds whatever I do.


Any advice on this? 

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Hi clayto2.


1) Try with a manual stopwatch (I think every cellular phone has got one), from the boot up to the WiseCleaner window.

2) I'll leave the standard settings for Microsoft services (you can disable upnp services if you are not using them, and every other services you are SURE they will be never used. If you are not totally sure - 100% - leave them in their default status).

Are you using third party firewalls or antiviruses? Try to use Microsoft ones.

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