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  1. I ran Chk Disc R Cmd several times. It had no effect, at least on this issue. I still cannot use JetSearch.
  2. Does this advice apply to an SSD which is an eMMc ?
  3. For some months my use of some Wise products has been prevented by my drives not being recognised. JetSearch in particular is completely unusable because it lists all my drives, internal and external, as 'unrecognised format'. Drive C is of course formatted as NTFS. In WiseCare I cannot select any drives for Advanced Cleaner. Until a few months ago everything Wise was OK. I had hoped updates would clear the problems. Nope. I did ask for help from Admin a while back but no useful advice was forthcoming. There is nothing out of the ordinary about my system. C drive is an eMMc, all others are USB. My OS is Windows 10 Creators, fully updated. I particularly miss the usefulness of JetSearch.
  4. JS has worked a couple of times but only for the © drive. It now says that drive © is unavailable and all other drives are unavailable, ie. integral Memory Card (D) which stores most of my files, and USB drives. I will send a clip of the menu soon. For the short while the search of © worked I was very impressed with it, and certainly hope to get it back! But I noted that it did not include .exe files (and others?) so programs (apps?) could not be searched. I have now successfully installed the November update for Windows 10.
  5. Nope. I downloaded updated Wise Jet Search but the situation is unchanged, I cannot select drives C and D to search.
  6. Hello . Some progress and some confusion: 1. Advanced Cleaner does identify all attached Drives (C to G) --- E,F,G are removable USB drives; D is an integral SD Card 2. But Advanced Cleaner only scans C and D --- in the case of E,F,G it reports that 'the wrong volume is inserted' and does not scan them 3. On the other hand Jet Search does not identify C and D at all, but does identify and searches E, F, G I have restarted and repeated the exercise several times to finally establish this.
  7. The Copy of the screenshot will not Paste here! Why? It pastes OK in WordPad and in Paint --- just not here in this Reply box.
  8. I cannot get Jet Search to work because I cannot select a drive for searching --- clicking the box has no effect.
  9. I cannot select a Drive in Jet Search

  10. I would welcome some advice regarding speeding up the boot time for my Windows 10 tablet PC. 1. Another utility regularly reports my startup time as between 85 and 120 seconds It is far from constant. Wise however normally reports it as a fairly constant 50 to 55 seconds (which I understand is not bad for my setup). Why the difference and which is likely to be right? 2. In Wise when I click to speed up start it responds that this must be done manually. How? In the Wise Startup Manager I have experimented with switching on and off nearly all the settings --- about half are currently switched to off (I presume these items are just delayed and will launch a short while later?) However, this has not affected the startup time reported noticeably, it is always 50 to 55 seconds whatever I do. Any advice on this?
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