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WiseForceDeleter feature requests, bug reports, updated translations


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Hey borut,

Wise Force Deleter is a "dangerous tool", if you delete a folder it contains some files that you want to keep but you don't notice them, these files will be deleted and you can't recover them. and there are much similar situations. So, wise force deleter doesn't support to delete a folder, we want user to confirm every file is useless and deletable.

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Worked on C:\TmpDelete from 3/19/2018 with 53 folders and 18 files.
Failed on C:\Temp\lu10004gy1609.tmp
Failed on C:\Temp\lu10004gy1609.tmp\lu10004gy160e.tmp  of 6/22/18, 3 days past
Failed on C:\Temp\lu10004gy1609.tmp\lu10004gy1611.tmp  of 6/24/18, 1 day past
Why failed? Windows said "This file is in use"

Suggestion: Unlocker allows selections thru right-click menu. Add option to WFD.

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Wise Force Deleter did not work for me.

I reported the error message to WiseCleaner. 

I received a message from Support Center [email protected]

This is an AUTO-REPLY email, please do not respond to this email.
  Dear user,
There is a new reply of your question and feedback.
Please run your Wisecleaner program, open Support Center to view details.
WiseCleaner Support Team


The message does not say which program to open.

I opened the Force Deleter program and there was no reply.

This support system is broken!  How can I view the support ticket on the web in the normal way, like other companies do?




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Sorry for the late reply.

A security setting is detecting this as a vulnerable driver AND BLOCKING IT FROM LOADING. You'll need to adjust your settings to load this driver. 

The setting is the Microsoft Core Isolation. Microsoft provides this information: 

1. Go to the Core isolation page in Windows Security.

You can open the Core isolation page by selecting Start  > Settings  > Privacy & Security  > Windows Security  > Device Security and then under Core isolation, selecting Core isolation details.

2. Turn the Memory integrity setting Off if it isn’t already. You'll need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

For more details, please refer to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/a-driver-can-t-load-on-this-device-8eea34e5-ff4b-16ec-870d-61a4a43b3dd5

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