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    ritaTen reacted to Hawaii in System Protection   
    Since I updated to the new version, I have system protection turned off, but it still pops up every time I install something.
    asking me to allow. How can I turn it off.
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    ritaTen reacted to denny1937 in Free Version always says Chrome running   
    I use the free version of Wise Care 365 V 4.62 Recently when running it I get a message that states" Google Chrome is running, do you want to close it", even if Chrome is not active. I have tried rebooting the computer to make sure Chrome is not "ON". I have used task manager to look for an active Chrome. Still, everytime I run Wise care I get the message. I have uninstalled the wise care software, and reloaded a freash copy from the web site, still get chrome message.
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    ritaTen reacted to Wise_EPL in Advanced Cleaner Issue   
    Most of the objects in the Advanced Cleaner selection keep getting deleted. When I put them back in, they still keep getting deleted. Can you people fix this please? This: Becomes this:
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    ritaTen reacted to Sashatru in оптимизация загрузки   
    В версии 4.8.3 в оптимизация-автозапуск-ускорение загрузки системы рекомендуется отключить службу superfetch (в вер. 4.8.2 не было такой рекомендации). Отключая система загружается вместо 15 сек. за 35. Ведь служба superfetch изначально создана для оптимизации загрузки и программ и имеет 4 режима работы: 0-выкл, 1-только программы, 2-только загрузка, 3-программы и загрузка. У меня работает в режиме 2, так как мало ОЗУ.[/size]

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    ritaTen reacted to PWT1000 in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    I read in another forum reply that version 3.x will be released soon - I use the Pro version, in there any news on what changes or new features will be in version 3 please? 
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    ritaTen reacted to PWT1000 in Advanced Cleaner Not Working   
    Hello :-) I recently used a program called ‘Privazer' & I believe this has broken the Advanced Clean on C:\ only. Nothing happens when I click on it
    I have totally uninstalled (removing wise registry keys) re-installed Wise365 to no avail as I assume there are hidden registry keys used by yourselves so all info from the registry can't be removed to fix the problem.
    I've removed Privatizer, I normally have Macrium Reflect images of C:\ but I've messed with the Win 10 Spring Update etc & removed it so can’t image back without a lot of work.  (BTW the issues occurred before I messed with MS Spring Update) Any help please??
    Kind regards  Paul
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    ritaTen reacted to VijayW in Wise365 kills browser access to web (but not other web access)   
    I have run Wise365 (free edition) in the past on my Win7 desktop PC, no problems (although I may not have run the Registry Cleaner component). My desktop is fully updated and has never had any malware to my knowledge. This time I ran all the components, and since then my up-to-date version of Firefox can't access the web. The modem and account are fine: at least 2 other devices have full web access via same wireless modem and account. Email clients still work. Firefox can still open locally stored HTML pages correctly, but it can't access any server on the web. So I uninstalled current Firefox, installed an older version, same result. So I uninstalled that version, got an installable version of latest Firefox (58.0.1) via another device, and installed that. Same result. So I installed a copy of the latest Chrome browser - same result. Chrome will also open all local files, but not access the web.
    At first sight, it seems the changes caused by Wise365 haven't damaged the browser, but the connecting layers between the browser and the network adapter. Is it a matter of missing files that I could download from MS or other sources (on another device), or is it because critical registry entries have been changed or removed?
    Unfortunately it seems likely that it is the latter problem, and this might mean I have to buy a new OS because I don't have any recent restore point. Obviously that would be a major step and would lose years of work.
    Any suggestions about what settings, files or registry entries that I could inspect, and possibly repair?
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    ritaTen reacted to Bob'sYourUncle in MUR's With Chinese Text Plus Chromium Reg. Entry   
    I keep getting MUR's with Chinese text in them.  Anything I see on my PC that is Chinese rather it be text or what ever, I instantly assume its bad and treat it as such unless I can verify that its 100% safe.  So, anybody know why I'm getting these MUR's and are they safe?  If not, then what do I need to do about preventing them from coming back?  I have attacked a screenshot of the MUR's that Wise Cleaner finds so you can see what I'm talking about.
    Also, This registry entry "(HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Chromium\(Default)" keeps coming back even though I have deleted it.  I have google searched this and there's this malicious browser called Chromium but I have never installed it(as far as I know) & I cant find any information about this registry entry that keeps coming back.
    Thanks for any help you guys/gals can provide. 

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    ritaTen reacted to Cadillac Bill in How to automatically close Chrome & IE during autoclean?   
    How to automatically close Chrome & IE during autoclean? I have automatically Wise 365 running and the program stops and asks me to allow the program to close Chome or IE in order to clean their caches. Can the program to close Chrome and IE on its own, or ignore?
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    ritaTen reacted to DemonDante in Download link for Wise care 365 not latest version?   
    So I open Wise care 365.  It tells me there are updates.  I click the download button and it takes me to wise care 365 webpage.  I download the Wise Care 365 executable from the main wise care 365 web page, run it, install it, and start it.  I open Wise Care 365 and it tells me there are updates available.  Rinse and repeat like 50 fucking times.  The application version that I have  The latest version available (according to the site and the application) is 4.7.5.  Finally through many trial and error attempts (your very welcome), I was able to find out that selecting Wise care 365 from products "drop down menu" at the top of the web page, which takes you to 
    The executable which is downloaded by clicking the "download" button is for version 4.7.4.  However, simply clicking the products "drop down menu" itself, which takes you to
    will download the actual latest version of Wise Care 365.  Really stupid mistake on the website maintainers part.  The people who maintain the web site probably should fix this asap, as not only is it frustrating to consumers like me, I would be embarrassed of such a simplistic error on my website.  
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    ritaTen reacted to aposada in Wise Care 365 run on Windows server 2003 & 2008 & 2012 ?   
    Wise Care 365 run on Windows server 2003 & 2008 & 2012 ?
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    ritaTen reacted to Serenator in Wise Care 365 - Problem with themes   
    I downloaded from Wise Center three themes. Next I pasted this files to folder Themes in Wise Care 365.
    Then I clicked to Themes button in window program selected and tried one after the other downloaded files. Unfortunately all files do not load up. They are not active. Well...why is this happening? Could you help me please?
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    ritaTen reacted to spacearea51 in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    when is the program going to be able to detect solid state drives
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    ritaTen reacted to WDCF in program acting odd   
    long story short. recently had acct corruption. didnt have point restore saved nor any backups. reset the pc, lost WC365 folder. it was only few hours ago, i was able to restore program through a giveaway site. firstly, the program took almost a minute before it opened. then when it finally opened, it froze up and had to close it. for now, its stuck on uploading avatar...what could be the cause? it never behaved like this before

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    ritaTen reacted to saad in Shred file/folder Recycle bin Context Menu not working   
    "Shred file/folder" Recycle bin Context Menu not working in Wise Care 365 Free edition. When I open it from the Recycle bin's Context Menu, it opens the Wise Care main window and does nothing.

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    ritaTen reacted to geogeo.gr in Greek language   
    Update Greek translation to Wise Care 365 4.6.304
    Wise Care 365_greek.zip
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    ritaTen reacted to WDCF in "world's fastest scanner cleaner" ha!   
    it took the slimming scan to create restore point 185secs..and then it cleared. the claim of it being fastest scanner probaley reserved for pc's that have higher capacity hdd or something.  
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    ritaTen reacted to Chim in The "NEW" Utilities in the Utilities Sidebar   
    The other day I decided to try the Program Uninstaller in the Utilities Sidebar over on the right of WC 365.  I figured if it worked exactly as the standalone version, I'd naturally delete the standalone version from my PA.com platform in my Flash Drive as I would of course no longer need it.  No use having the same app twice in my Flash Drive apps arsenal.
    Well, if I deciphered correctly what then happened ... I believe Program Uninstaller proceeded to be downloaded.  I aborted the download because [A]  I already have a Wise Program Uninstaller.    I have Dial Up Internet and didn't expect to be downloading anything at that time.
    QUESTION #1:  Do ALL of those "NEW" utilities in the Utilities Sidebar need to first be downloaded before being able to be used?
    QUESTION #2:  Will these "NEW" utilities eventually be incorporated into Wise Care 365 in a future version?  If so, how many versions from the current version?  One?  Two?  You know ... so they wouldn't have to first be downloaded and installed.
    In other words, I'm hoping to get to the point to where Wise Care 365 covers ALL the bases and functions of ALL the current Wise standalone products that I use.  I like to operate lean & mean.  So the less standalone Wise apps that I'd have to have installed in my PA.com platform and have WC 365 cover all those functions ... the better.  Especially given that right now I haven't even seen a portable version of Wise Force Deleter.
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    ritaTen reacted to Lordgate in Windows 10 Start Menu Broken   
    Hi, after a run wise care, my windows 10 star menu stop working, and i have to run in powershell, administrator rights, this command...
    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"} Please fix this probleam....
    Thank you
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    ritaTen reacted to payne in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    I am happy to help ..The program shows very well and does a good job, in addition to the advice already given memory improvement in cleaning the junk files and registry and repair missing DLL,for future projects do not recommend to integrate a spyware scanning as do many super utility, I find it useless and superficial
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    ritaTen reacted to fred545 in SSD ... defrag or not defra   
    You're using wisecare to defrag your harddisk... well, experts say that it is NOT recommended to defrag an SSD.
    is the wisecare defrag tool different from other defragmentation tools ?
    can we defrag our SSDs without any risk ?
    Thank you for the response
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    ritaTen reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    Hey djdanby,
    You're welcome!
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    ritaTen reacted to EDMONDO in Chiedo aiuto a causa di problemi durante (l'installazione? e) l'attivazione di Wise Cleaner 365 Pro   
    Gent. Forum
    Vi prego di aiutarmi ad istallare il programma Wise Clear 365 Pro da me acquistato il 18/12/2016
    Quando mi chiede la Key non la riconosce ed allora, mi ARRENDO e mollo tutto GRAZIE
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    ritaTen reacted to Curlington in Registry scan hangs, stops responding w/365 and WRC   
       I am a long time happy user and proponent of Wise products. For the first time ever I have an issue. Both 365 and WRC hang up and stop responding when doing a registry scan. Need to close it via task manager. WRS stops on a fast scan after recognizing 43 issues if that helps but I doubt it. Screenshot attached.
    Computer Data
    HP 2000 2b19WM
    Windows 8/64 - fresh install after DBANing the HDD
    Everything else seems fine with the PC except the wireless card which works then quits if you go even 20 feet from the router no issue when plugged into NIC
    Defender runs without issue (I know big deal)
    Any help is welcomed
    Curlington     nyuk nyuk nyuk

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