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  1. Cool but they both run now since running Auslogics reg cleaner. don't know why nothing really has changed but that. Cheers! Thanks all
  2. Its only 36K in size. you said open activateable classes then export. its tiny no need to compress. We are not getting through to each other, lol. Dropbox DID ask for a password could my proxy server have had something to do with that.? I use a PITA webmail server so will doublecheck the proxy thing tomorrow when i do my one daily visit there. no set values there per the png screenshot several posts ago
  3. Dropbox wanted me to sign in. Don't have an account, didn't want to register. Sent you the file in a reply to email in which I said I assume your Firewall will block it No insight from the png screenshot above? Thanks. Auslogics runs w/o a hitch but I like Wise
  4. Here you go. Thanks and no problem, not upset just being silly. Here are a couple of files, nope wait it wont allow me to attach and upload a .reg file .Says I don't have permission. Here is a screenshot. Nothing in there no values.
  5. Hello? Hello? Echo Echo Now pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon; Manny Mota Mota Lines from the movie Airplane
  6. Additional data: Ran registry defrag it took 3 seconds to analyze and it was 0.60 and not in need as it s a new Windows install. I did it anyway. Worked fine. Registry scans hang when scanning Active X. Also it hangs after finding 43 items in Active X whether running a default,safe or deep scan.
  7. Hello: I am a long time happy user and proponent of Wise products. For the first time ever I have an issue. Both 365 and WRC hang up and stop responding when doing a registry scan. Need to close it via task manager. WRS stops on a fast scan after recognizing 43 issues if that helps but I doubt it. Screenshot attached. Computer Data HP 2000 2b19WM Windows 8/64 - fresh install after DBANing the HDD Everything else seems fine with the PC except the wireless card which works then quits if you go even 20 feet from the router no issue when plugged into NIC Defender runs without issue (I know big deal) Any help is welcomed Curlington nyuk nyuk nyuk
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