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  1. So I open Wise care 365. It tells me there are updates. I click the download button and it takes me to wise care 365 webpage. I download the Wise Care 365 executable from the main wise care 365 web page, run it, install it, and start it. I open Wise Care 365 and it tells me there are updates available. Rinse and repeat like 50 fucking times. The application version that I have The latest version available (according to the site and the application) is 4.7.5. Finally through many trial and error attempts (your very welcome), I was able to find out that selecting Wise care 365 from products "drop down menu" at the top of the web page, which takes you to https://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-care-365.html The executable which is downloaded by clicking the "download" button is for version 4.7.4. However, simply clicking the products "drop down menu" itself, which takes you to https://www.wisecleaner.com/products.html will download the actual latest version of Wise Care 365. Really stupid mistake on the website maintainers part. The people who maintain the web site probably should fix this asap, as not only is it frustrating to consumers like me, I would be embarrassed of such a simplistic error on my website.
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