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  1. WiseCleaner's post in [Solved - Win7] I deleted my hosts file, but I can't access to google website the same was marked as the answer   
    You can delete host file, but this will not solve your problem. (can not access Google.com)
    Use Notepad to open and edit host file. Add following to it  www.google.com

  2. WiseCleaner's post in [Solved - Win7] Standby und Ruhezustand was marked as the answer   
    Hi, you can try following steps to solve your problem.
    1, Control Panel-----Hardware and Sound-----Power Options-----System Settings,  Power settings, set When I press the power button to Shut down.

    2, Download your graphics card's driver from its offical website, uninstall and install the offical driver.
        Download the mother board driver, reinstall IDE or SATA controllers driver.
    3, right-click drive C ( system drive)----Properties---Tools---Error checking, click Check now to check whether the disk has errors.
    4, end all third-party programs processes, like anti-virus software and other data backup software. click Start---type cmd.exe right-click it and click Run as administartor, type sfc /scannow , press Enter.
    5, click Start---type cmd.exe right-click it and click Run as administartor, type powercfg /hibernate /size 100, press Enter.
  3. WiseCleaner's post in computer slows down after awhile of usage was marked as the answer   
    After using browser or running other programs for a while, system did not release memory which were being used when ended the process, so it’s normal for the slow response of other programs, you even need to wait for a while. 
    1, This situation has something to do with the hardware configuration of the PC, the CPU of your PC is low-end processor with bad performance. Upgrade your memory to 4 GB may deal with your issue. 
    2, You can also run Wise memory optimizer to realize live optimization and release more memory for you.  3, Run Wise Care 365----System Tuneup----Startup manager, set OFF useless startup programs and services. 4, To use an anti-virus software which occupy less resource, like Microsoft Security Essentials. 
  4. WiseCleaner's post in [Solved - Win7] Google Chrome was marked as the answer   
    Program no response. 
    When it happens again, right-click task bar, click Start Task Manager----Processes, find out Chrome.exe, and End it. Then open chrome again.

  5. WiseCleaner's post in Cannot acativate WindowsUpdate was marked as the answer   
    Hi, you can follow those steps to try:
    1, Modify those 3 services's startup type as "automatic" (Windows update, Background Intelligent Transfer Service, DCOM Server Process Luncher), then restart system, try to check update.
    2, You can update MSE by manual. Download its update package and install it. Then restart system.
  6. WiseCleaner's post in Exploror Crash when opening System Control Panel was marked as the answer   
    We have checked the attachment,  your system have lost some dll files: ntsdexts.dll , uext.dll , exts.dll , ext.dll
    But those dll files are not belong to  system. Maybe they belong to  Debugging Tools for Windows®.
    Have you installed it? If yes, please try to re-install it.  
  7. WiseCleaner's post in [Solved - Win7] Help and support was not able to start was marked as the answer   
    Download Help.zip, unzip it then copy the folder "Help" and paste it to C:\Windows
  8. WiseCleaner's post in [Solved - Win7-SP1-x64] icons are missing in devices and printers. totally blank was marked as the answer   
    1, Click Start-----type services.msc in search box, press Enter,  set those 2 services's startup type as Automatic, restart system. (just set its startup type, do not need to start it)
      Print Spooler Service 
      Bluetooth Support Service 
    2, If you still receive the message "The system cannot find the path specified", click this do download  Bluetooth support service and Print spooler service, unzip the archive and run the enclosed REG file. 
    3, Registering the DLLs
       Click Start---type CMD in search box-----right-click cmd.exe----click Run as administrator. 
       type regsvr32 "%programfiles%\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll" and press Enter

       when finished, you will see this message.

    4, Fixing the XML Registration
    Download msxml6.zip, unzip the archive and run the enclosed REG file. This should restore the missing MSXML6.DLL registration entries.   Restart Windows and check if Devices and Printers opens correctly.
  9. WiseCleaner's post in [Solved - Win7-SP1-x64] Unable to System Restore was marked as the answer   
    Click Start, type services.msc in search bar, find out Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider, double click it, modify its startup type as Manual or Automatic, then close window and restart system.

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