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[Solved - Win7] Standby und Ruhezustand

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System: Laptop, WIN7 Home Premium, SP 1

Problem: Wenn ich den Laptop in Standby oder Ruhezustand versetze, tut er das normal.

Beim erneuten Einschalten bleibt er aber nach kurzer Zeit hängen und reagiert auf keine Eingabe mehr. Einziger Ausweg: stromlos machen (Akku raus und wieder rein) und wieder einschalten.

Vielen Dank im voraus.






Operating system:Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) Service Pack 1

System root: C:\Windows

Available physical memory: 4007 MB

CPU: Intel® Pentium® CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz

Drive Info:

C: 414,66 GB

D: 48,00 GB

Internet Explorer: 10.0

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Thanks for your response.

Well, my system does indeed wake up from standby/hibernate but then within a few minutes the whole thing just freezes and no input whatsoever will be accepted.

When I try to shut down the system by pushing the physical on/off-button the screen goes black an then nothing happens anymore.

Nothing can be done but disconnecting the whole thing from mains and batteries and then connecting it again.



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Hi, you can try following steps to solve your problem.

1, Control Panel-----Hardware and Sound-----Power Options-----System SettingsPower settings, set When I press the power button to Shut down.


2, Download your graphics card's driver from its offical website, uninstall and install the offical driver.

    Download the mother board driver, reinstall IDE or SATA controllers driver.

3, right-click drive C ( system drive)----Properties---Tools---Error checking, click Check now to check whether the disk has errors.

4, end all third-party programs processes, like anti-virus software and other data backup software. click Start---type cmd.exe right-click it and click Run as administartor, type sfc /scannow , press Enter.

5, click Start---type cmd.exe right-click it and click Run as administartor, type powercfg /hibernate /size 100, press Enter.


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