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  1. Hello altogether, I´ve got a problem with VirtualRouterPlus. Perhaps there´s someone who can help. I connect to the internet exclusively via a web-stick (Aldi Web-Stick Model S 4012, Manufacturer: HUAWEI E1550 HSDPA USB Stick). I run WIN 8.1, 64bit on my PC. What I want to do is give an internet-connection to my laptop as well without having to reconnect the web-stick each time I switch between PC and laptop. I want to use my laptop (Linux/Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 64bit and WIN7, 64bit, Dual-Boot). Therefore I thought of solving this problem with the help of a virtual router. So I decided t
  2. Hello altogether, I´ve got a question regarding running Windows 10 with a web-stick as internet-connection. At present I´m using WIN 8.1 update, 64bit and I am very satisfied with it. The thing is that the time until July 29 poses a question to me. Till then the upgrade to WIN 10 is free of charge. So I have to think about whether to change over or keep my old system. As far as internet connection is concerned there might be a problem though. My internet connection is established via a web-stick exclusively (Aldi Web-Stick Model S 4012, manufacturer: HUAWEI E1550 HSDPA USB Stic
  3. Hello everybody, As far as the topic of Linux is concerned I have a question of a more general nature. I´ve got two computers, a PC and a laptop. The PC is a Lenovo H520e and the laptop is a medion Akoya E6222. The PC has WIN8.1 Home (64bit) and the laptop has WIN7 (64bit) as operating system. What I want to do is turn both the PC and the laptop into dual-boot systems. The second OS should be Linux Ubuntu, preferably 14.04LTS (64bit). My question now is: Could there be any danger or risk for the respective hardware when using a Linux-driven system on a PC/laptop that orig
  4. Hi Xilo, so nice to hear from you again. I hope you´re well and everything is fine for you. Thanks for your reply and thanks also for the links you provided. I´m going to look into them and hopefully there will be backup programmes suitable for my purposes amongst them. I wish you a happy new year with much success and of course health. Greetings Rosika
  5. Hello everybody, I´ve got a question concerning system backup of a dual-boot system. Currently I´ve got WIN 8.1 home (64bit) installed on my computer. I´m thinking of changing that to a dual-boot system (WIN 8.1 + Ubuntu) on the same disk (HD). On different partitions of course. Now I´m looking for a backup programme capable of creating system backups in such a way that my two operating systems would be saved and could easily be restored to the original state of my disk (WIN 8.1 + Ubuntu). Plus that backup programme should be freeware if possible. I found Paragon Backup &am
  6. Hej dala, jag tror att du skriver på svenska. Tyvärr förstår jag inte vad du vill säga. Vad är problemet met datorn? Kanke kan du skriva på engeslka så att vi kan kommunicera bättre. Åtminstone kan ja se att du använder fortfarande windows xp. Det är egentligen inte så bra eftersom det är så gammalt att det inte längre finns säkerhets-uppdateringar. Hälsningar Rosika
  7. Hello alltogether, I´ve got a question about using a UMTS-stick as far as windows 10 is concerned and I wonder if there´s anybody out there who might be able to give me some advice. At present I´m using a web stick which I purchased at Aldi. The maker is actually Huawei (HUAWEI E1550 HSDPA USB Stick). My operating system is windows 8.1 (64bit) and the stick just works fine. To be more precise: I´ve got a flatrate (5 GB highspeed per month, after that just low download rate). So there´s a data quota of about 170 MB per day. With these parameters I´m very happy as the data quota seems r
  8. Hi again, Xilo, In the meantime I ran chkdisk. So far so good. As to defragmentation I don´t know whether that will do me any good. I checked and found out that defragmentation rate is just 4 %. Greetings Rosika
  9. Hi Xilo, You´re right. I´ve uninstalled Spybot S&D as well as classic shell. Up and until now I haven´t applied chkdsk or defragmentation procedures. I´m going to look into them right now. Thanks for the hint. Greetings Rosika
  10. Hello, thanks for your answer. I don´t know if that would do me any good as I use firefox, not IE. My problem is windows-explorer crashes. Thanks anyway and have nice day. Rosika
  11. Hi everybody, I´ve got a massive problem which keeps annoying me for some time now. That´s windows-explorer crashes. This is reflected in the fact that all desktop icons - including those in the task bar - vanish for about three seconds. Then the appear again. I´ve been looking around the web for a while now and learned that I´m not the only one suffering from that problem. Yet none of the methods I encountered helped me at all. Now I´m at my wit´s end. What I´ve done up up to now: 1.) sfc /scannow: everything o.k. 2.) searching for problems with malwarebytes /SuperAntiSpyware: everthin
  12. Hi Xilo, nice to hear from you again. Belated happy New Year! Thanks for your tip. This camera seems just fine and I think it might be the one to go for. Have a nice day. Greetings Rosika
  13. Hi altogether, I am using WIN8.1 update (64bit) on my PC. Now I´m looking for a webcam. I´ve got no special use for it in mind. So it doesn´t have to be the latest and most expensive gadget. I just like to have one. The only prerequisites are that it has to be compatible with WIN8.1 and it should have a built-in microphone. As to the price I thought it shouldn´t exceed 30 Euros or 34 US$ or 23 British Pounds. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance. Greetings Rosika
  14. Hi Xilo, nice to hear from you again. I tried several versions of firefox - with the same results. It´s the same with firefox 33.0 beta as well. It seems it´s not a matter of stability but rather a matter of principle. All versions 32 plus won´t gain access to the cache as the cache-backend has been altered. The only thing to do is to wait until someone writes a pogramme that takes the new situation into account. But thanks for contacting me again. Have a nice weekend Best regards Rosika
  15. Hello everybody, I´ve got an odd problem, perhaps there´s someone out there who can help me. I am using firefox 32 beta at the moment. There´s an add-on which is called "cache-viewer 0.7.6". I installed it recently in order to have easy access to my browser cache. Yet it remains empty. So I tried the programme "Mozilla Cache View" by nirsoft. The same results, no access whatsoever. I know that the cache is located in "Users...... AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox....". So I know the correct path for the right settings. However when trying to gain access to the path manually by using the explo
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