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  1. @Jpotato, The system temporary folder is the default cleaning area, if you don't want to clean it, you should add it in exclusion list. (see image temp.png) But, in my test, wisecleaner just remove files/folders in the temp folder, but don't delete the junction link.
  2. If you means you want to see the system boot-up time, you can open %appdata%\wise care 365\WC365BootTime.ini
  3. Hey, Windows 7 supports a Microsoft account? As far as I know, only Win 8/8.1/10 support a Microsoft account. So, I think your Microsoft account in Win 7 is a local account too. I test it in Win 8.1 and Win 7, each system have two accounts (a Microsoft account and a local account, all accounts have administrator permission) 1, You don't need to re-activate wise care 365 even if you upgrade Win 7 to Win 10, except you format Win 7 system and install Win 10. If you want to remove the registration info, please mail to [email protected], my college can help you. 2, If wise care 365 and wise memory optimizer cannot auto run when you log in, please follow the below steps, 1) open Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler -> Task Scheduler Library 2) find tasks Wise Care 365, Wise Turbo Checker and Wise Memory Optimizer Task, delete them 3) open Wise Care 365 -> Custom -> Settings, check all system options whether have been ticked, then click OK to save. 4) open Wise Memory Optimizer -> Settings, check the option Run it when Windows stars whether has been ticked, then close it. 5) restart PC to check.
  4. English: No no courige the problem of the icon Sorry, I cannot understand you.
  5. Please re-upload the screenshot. 1, When you click the icon, can you open the program? 2, Did you use wise PC 1staid to fix this problem? 3, Maybe you can delete the icon, then restart PC, then find the program and right click on it, select Sent to Desktop (create shortcut)
  6. Hey zammer, Sorry, I don't have a msn account, so I cannot test your problem. But, someone said, change the IE settings may solve it. You can try it. Open IE -> Tools -> Internet options -> Advanced, tick "Empty Temp Internet Files Folder When Browser Is Closed" Hit OK.
  7. Hey lucky59, You can open the laptop official website, download your laptop drivers (motherboard, chip set, battery )
  8. Hey, (1) When the program is updated, it does not save the "exlusion of files" from scanning. This is annoying, as I have a list of allowed cookies in my firefox profile (all other cookies are blocked). I test it, but my exclusion list (files, folders, cookies) is here, worked well. Can you tell me how did you do? (2) The "lightening of the system" Yes, we know it. You see, we just list them (not the default cleaning items), give the advice to user when the use need more disk space. BUT, even if the user remove sample music/picture/video, the Windows system can work well, not affect the stability.
  9. Thank you for your feedback. Currently, all wisecleaner products do not support multi user/account. We are trying to improve it.
  10. Hey void143, Thank you for your feedback. Can you upload the Disk Management screenshot? I want to know your disk info.
  11. @Alf, You said "PC didn't find HHD", wise care 365 didn't list your hard disks, or you got a error message from Windows that the system cannot find hard disks? Please right click on Computer -> Manage -> Storage -> Disk Management, like below Can you see your hard disks?
  12. @drnesr, Did you try to set up the Trigger to At log on? The wise care 365 should start at Windows bootup.
  13. Please try rear USB port. Do your usb device work well on another PC?
  14. You can refer this topic, maybe it can help you. http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/5269-how-to-speed-up-your-pc/
  15. Did you upload the CBS.log file to speedyshare.com? If not, you can try following method to fix this issue: Method 1: Did you install TuneUp Utilities and enable Turbo Mode? Turbo Mode block system protection / restore. Disable/turn off Turbo Mode may fix your issue. Method 2: Check if Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider service is disabled. This behavior is by design. Disabling System Restore will limits the ongoing usefulness of System Restore on the computer. To re-enable, please try: 1). Open gpedit.msc from Start Search box. 2). Navigate to the following branch. Computer Configuration\Administrative Template\System\System Restore. 3). In the right pane, please configure the “Turn off system restore” policy. Please set it to Not Configured.
  16. Probable reason: 1, your internet providers don't offer enough bandwidth. 2, Your IE browser has been installed too many extensions (add-ons). Disable/uninstall useless extensions may speed up your IE. 3, The website that you want to open has many pictures/flash. Try another simple website. 4, Try another browser, e.g. Chrome.
  17. Hey wiz011, Please give me a screenshot about your disk info, like below:
  18. Please learn this topic, and send dump file to me. http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/5465-bsod-blue-screen-of-death-help/
  19. @Jayzx, Thank you for you feedback. 1, Can you tell me your screen resolution and text size setting (DPI) ? I suspect the reason of your problem 1 and 3 is DPI setting, change to 100% may fix this problem. 2, In old version of wise care 365, user can run multitask , but it may cause some error. So, v3 fix it, user only can run one task at the same time. 3, Error 4 and 5, we know the reason, and we will fix it. 4, About themes, v3 supports custom theme. Please try!
  20. Are you sure this game 'dance praise 2 the remix' supports Win 8 ?
  21. Can you log in Skype or other IMs? If yes, please run Wise PC 1stAid, click the 6th icon 'Cannot open webpage while surfing Internet' to solve your problem. If no, give me a screenshot of the error message.
  22. An USB port mouse? Plug in a USB removable disk, do it work? If no, the USB port may be broken.
  23. Hi guys, Wise Care 365 v3 Beta is released. http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/6044-brand-new-version-of-wise-care-365-30-beta/ Please help us to improve it!
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