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  1. I have basically given up on this, it is all too damn hard. It should be simple, just ignore cookies..
  2. I just did a clean again and had IE open it asked me if I wanted to shut down IE otherwise cache and cookies could not be cleaned, I said NO, but it still removed all my cookies and I had to re-login to my sites including this one. I did not use the advanced cleaner option..
  3. I generally use IE11, but also use Chrome and Firefox which lose cookies as well.
  4. I agree, I am running the free version, was tempted to get the pro, but needs to be more user friendly in my opinion. It is a real pain when all my login stuff for forums is lost and I have to go through the whole process each time I do a clean
  5. Is there anywhere on the program where I can stop my cookies from being removed when I do a clean. I have searched and cannot seem to find anyway of stopping this happening. Any help appreciated.
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