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  1. The first was Hybrid the second was common. Bouth SATA
  2. After running "full optimization", it was not possible to start the PC again. BIOS could not find HHD. Nor was it possible to load Win7 on this HHD again. Even after installation Win7 on another HHD, and connected to this HHD it was not possible to find HHD. If HHD was connected to the PC during startup would not start the PC, although new Win7 was on an other HHD. I have thus now two HHD as I do not get used to anything.
  3. The first was sshd, the other was normal hd. The results were the same with both. These must only be disposed of, or is there a possibility to open them again?
  4. Hi OS = Win7 Ultimate. Wise Care Pro 3.45.302 - Installed
  5. Hi I've had wise care 365 for a while now. Twice I have lost contact with HHD after running "full optimization" during disk defragmentation. All attempts to get opened HHD, has been unsuccessful. Do you have any good recipe for what I can do? What is it that makes this happen? Should I not use this program? Sincerely Alf
  6. Hi I hawe don al of this. Nothing helps. The owner of this pc want i back, so I uninstall the program and he must have to live with it. Thanks Alf
  7. Har en tilårskommen HP laptop med Microsoft vista32. Programmet Wisw Care 365 vil ikke starte på denne maskinen. Får melding: Wise Care 365 har sluttet åvirke et problem førte til at programmet sluttet å fungere som det skal. Programmet vi bli lukket, og du vil få beskjed hvis den løsning er tilgjenelig. Operating system:Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit) Service Pack 2 System root: C:\Windows Available physical memory: 3069 MB CPU: AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core QL-62 Drive Info: C: 222,77 GB D: 10,11 GB Internet Explorer: 9.0
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