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  1. I already have a powerful antivirus and anti-spyware which is ESET Smart Sequrity v.8 Additionally, I have Spybot, search and destroy. Now I am unistalling some of the unused software from my computer, I hope this helps, otherwise, I may be pushed to format my system (I hate this!)
  2. Many thanks for your efforts, have a nice day... I added a trigger as you suggested, but with one change, I made it "At system startup" not "At log on" as my problem is with startup not log on. I hope that the admin can continue with me, or I can wait for your kind advice as you come back... Best regards.
  3. Unfortunately, it fails as you see below... NB.: My windows version is Windows 7, 64 bits
  4. Many thanks Xilolee for your effort, 1) Yes, but it never runs before, and no triggers found for this process! 2)Yes, It is set as you mentioned.
  5. If it is a must o add it to startup manually, so which exe should I add?
  6. Thank you for your reply, but how to do that? I adjusted the program to do it but it seems not working! Should I add it manually?
  7. I have installed Wise Care 365 (registered pro member), I am suffering from too long boot time, but the Wise Bootup Booster cannot help me! and getting this message "You need to speed up your PC manually, for Wise Care 365 is not set to run on start up" I don't know how to fix this, please help me. Thanks in advance
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