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  1. Hi W and Xilo, thank you for your replies. I must admit that I could not not reproduce the first issue reported. I still had version somewhere on my computer, so I removed the last version via disinstall, re-installed vers, saved the exclusion and re-installed version 8.5.1. 602 over the previous one. .... And the saved exclusion were save. So sorry for the confusion on the first issue. [it was only founded on a second doubt, after a previous one, that an update of Wise had removed my saved cookies]. It must have been another program. Thank you again for your prompt replies. Roger
  2. Hi, I have tested Wise Disk Claener for several weeks now and I am very happy with it. But now a new automatic update was released, and I would like to use this occasion to hint onto two issues: (1) When the program is updated, it does not save the "exlusion of files" from scanning. This is annoying, as I have a list of allowed cookies in my firefox profile (all other cookies are blocked). (2) The "lightening of the system" - tab (3rd one; sorry, if the translation is not correct, as I have the French version) allows to remove the photo- / music- and video-samples in the public folders. This is in principle a nice feature, however removing those files leads to the fact that sfc / scannow reports corruption errors (without indicating what they are; I verified with the third party software: SFCfix). Wouldn' it be possible to remove these files without triggering sfc /scannow to report errors ? Because when running sfc / scannow afterwards, one then always needs to verify in a rather complex way, whether the errors / corruptions reported are "only" those resulting from the removal of the sample files in the public folder or whether there are other, more serious, issues. But as I said, otherwise this is a very nice tool. Thank you for listening ! Roger
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