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    eclectricity got a reaction from GoracV in Brand New Version Of Wise Care 365 --: 3.0 Beta   
    Unfortunately, I'm having serious issues with v3. I'm running Windows 7 SP1 32-bit.
    I have installed, and reverted to v2.99 on two separate occassions. I've had the exact same problems both times that I have installed v3...
    Immediately after installing and starting v3, it maxes out one core of my dual core CPU. That one core will stay maxed out as long as v3 is installed and running, even if the UI is closed.

    WiseTray.exe is the culprit, as you can see in these two images - one from Task Manager, one from Wise Care itself. (Yes I have a lot of processes running.)


    Then, if I should click on any of the items listed under Hardware Overview, the UI completely locks up and never releases. I eventually have to kill Wise Care via Task Manager. The UI won't respond to anything once it freezes, just stays on "Loading...". See below:

    So far, it looks like I'm the only person who is having such an issue. Must be something about my particular computer.   As it is, I'm going to have to stay with v2.99.
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    eclectricity reacted to WiseCleaner in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    @ eclectricity,
    License key of v2 can be used in v3.
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    eclectricity reacted to Jayzx in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    I installed WC 365 v.3, it picked up the license from WC 365 
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    eclectricity got a reaction from Jayzx in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    I'm very eager to give v3 a try, but I've got a quick question:
    I have a Lifetime license for 365 Pro, will the Beta pick up on that license, or will it install the Free version of 365 v3?
    Will the Beta overwrite my current v2.x installation?
    OK, that's two questions.
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    eclectricity reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Can't uninstall memory optimizer   
    Wise Memory Optimizer is a portable program, you don't need to install it and uninstall it. 
    If you do not use it any more, just remove the folder.
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    eclectricity reacted to Linkin in How to prevent others from recovering your files from a formatted flash drive ?   
    It’s actually quite easy to recover deleted files using a free file recovery program such as Wise Data Recovery. But did you know that files can even be recovered from flash drives that have been formatted? Well, it’s true, and it’s just as easy as recovering files that have been “deleted”. 

    If you format your drives using the “Quick Format” option, the files on the drive won’t actually be over-written as the drive is formatted. Instead, only the “pointers” to the files are wiped out, leaving the files themselves intact and easily recoverable.
    This is usually not a problem, but if some of the files on a formatted drive are sensitive in nature, anyone at all could use a file recovery program to retrieve them.
    Luckily, there’s a very simple solution if you really want to overwrite everything on a drive to prevent your files from being recovered. Simply uncheck the “Quick Format” option in the Format dialog box before you click the “Start” button. Refer to the screenshot below:

    Bottom line: Format your flash drives without the “Quick Format” option and you’ll be able to rest assured that your files cannot be recovered by someone else.
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    eclectricity reacted to wisecleaner_admin in AT ADMIN/DEVELOPERS ATTENTION: windows update issue after recent wise care 365 update (2.96.241 - 2014/04/01)   
    Yes, we will fix it in v2.97
    It will be released in this week.
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    eclectricity reacted to wisecleaner_admin in AT ADMIN/DEVELOPERS ATTENTION: windows update issue after recent wise care 365 update (2.96.241 - 2014/04/01)   
    Hi all,
    Current version, you can ignore two folders to solve this problem:
    Run Wise Care 365-->Menu-->Settings-->Exclusion-->Exclusion Folder-->Add Folder
    add C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore

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    eclectricity reacted to garioch7 in AT ADMIN/DEVELOPERS ATTENTION: windows update issue after recent wise care 365 update (2.96.241 - 2014/04/01)   
    I would greatly appreciate it if you could split this thread and bring it to the attention of the Wise Care.  There is a definite issue here.  The timeframe is correct.  I have been using both PC Check-up and the other tools.  I have stopped using PC Check-up, except parts of it, but the problem seems to be reproducible at my end by just using the Common Cleaner, followed by a reboot.  As I stated, I have stopped using Wise Care since my previous cleaning product, which I purchased and has not yet expired, does not produce this unwelcome side effect.  I realize that there will always be issues with software releases.  I have been very impressed with Wise Care and am reluctant to discontinue using it and recommending it, but they do need to address this issue.  How many users have not made the connection that Wise Care is responsible for this?  It has been reproduced on two of my computers (haven't checked the third because it is my wife's and she doesn't want me causing her issues too).
    Have a great day, Xilo
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    eclectricity reacted to xilolee in AT ADMIN/DEVELOPERS ATTENTION: windows update issue after recent wise care 365 update (2.96.241 - 2014/04/01)   
    Today I installed that important update (Win 8.1 service pack 1?), rebooted the machine and later I used WiseCare365 and now I get this:

    I'm using the pc checkup function and the system cleaner function (registry cleaner, common cleaner, advanced cleaner)... Are you using the same functions or are you using only the pc checkup function?
    Anyway this should reported separately from this topic, on its own one, since wisecleaner moderators/admins/developers could not read it here.
    If you prefer, I could split the posts we made (regarding this problem).

    That behaviour has appeared for sure with this update:
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    eclectricity reacted to garioch7 in AT ADMIN/DEVELOPERS ATTENTION: windows update issue after recent wise care 365 update (2.96.241 - 2014/04/01)   
    Xilo:  I think his problem might be somewhat different in that he can't download updates, but his Windows Update GUI is telling him, and me, that it has never checked for updates and never installed updates.  That is not correct, and it does seem to be related to Wise Care 365 cleaning routines within the last two weeks.  After a cold boot, the Windows Update GUI reverts back to telling me that it has never checked for updates and never installed updates.  As an experiment, I download a major cleaner software from a company that I purchased formerly (Piriform) and ran its cleaner.  The Windows Update GUI is not affected.
    I am therefore very suspicious that something was changed in Wise Care 365 Pro cleaning routines and I am reverting back to the other product for cleaning until such time as Wise Care can fix the problem because it takes a long time for Windows Update to check for updates when it thinks that it has never before checked for updates.
    Have a great day.
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    eclectricity reacted to garioch7 in AT ADMIN/DEVELOPERS ATTENTION: windows update issue after recent wise care 365 update (2.96.241 - 2014/04/01)   
    Note by xilolee
    This topic has been split from Malicious software tool - windows update not updating, that it is, imho, a different problem.

    After using wise care 365, Windows update (control panel) shows:
    most recent check for updates: never
    updates were installed: never

    I am having the same issue now for about a week.  I don't know if it has anything to do with Wise Care 365, but after every cold boot, I wind up with same screen as you: Updates never checked for and never installed.  Windows Control Panel shows all of my 180+ updates installed.  I tried all of the stuff suggested on the web, like deleting the Software Distribution folder, adding WUAPP.EXE to my av and antimalware solutions, but that does not work.  Updates, when found, do install properly (had two sets in the last two days) and then show on the Windows Update GUI, but after the next cold boot, I am back to NEVER and NEVER.  Windows Update Readiness Tool didn't find anything but did install a hotfix.  sfc /scannow found no integrity errors.
    Interestingly, yesterday, I did not run Wise Cleaner on my computer.  I normally do every day before shutdown.  Today, my Windows Update GUI showed that updates had been checked for yesterday and had been installed yesterday.  I am becoming suspicious that one of the Wise Cleaners is taking out or corrupting the Windows Update information that the Windows Update GUI relies upon.  That is just a suspicion.  I will run a Wise Clean Up today before shutdown and see what happens tomorrow ...  Running Windows 7 Pro x64.
    Have a great day.
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    eclectricity reacted to donut in Streaming Video CPU Usage   
    Streaming HD video can challenge the capabilities of even the most powerful cutting-edge computer. If you're seeing stuttering and buffering issues when attempting to play a video stream, one or more parts of your system is being pushed too hard and you may find that your CPU usage is extremely high. Before you replace your processor, take a look at how streaming works and why a new CPU may not be the answer.
    Network Slowdowns
    ·         One of the most crucial elements comes into play before the stream even reaches your local PC. It takes a robust network to transfer high definition video data in real time, and unfortunately a bottleneck can occur in many places. The video stream may be experiencing slowdowns before it even gets to your home, courtesy of heavy traffic or inefficient servers and network infrastructure. Your Internet connection may lack the bandwidth to support HD streaming, especially during "peak hours" on a shared connection such as a cable ISP. For example, Netflix recommends a minimum of 5 Mbps for streaming HD quality video.
    Residential Issues
    ·         Your home is likewise full of ways to thwart the free flow of video streaming data. Long cable runs, junctions and damaged wiring can introduce interference that intermittently slows down your connection, especially in older homes and multifamily dwellings. Wireless networks are prone to structural interference from walls and ceilings, and Wi-Fi bandwidth can easily be bogged down by simultaneous connections. In all these cases, you may have plenty of free bandwidth for most Internet activities, but watching streaming HD video pushes your connection to the point where minor inefficiencies become more obvious.
    PC Housecleaning
    ·         Assuming that your network is optimized for streaming video, your computer itself may be improperly optimized. There are a number of simple fixes that you can try to relieve your CPU and other system resources, such as closing down applications and browser windows, stopping unnecessary background tasks and services, and making sure that your operating system and hardware drivers are all up to date. Anything that will cause your PC to run slightly slower during normal use will have a drastic impact on demanding tasks such as HD video streaming.
    Video Card Demands
    ·         All video tasks on your PC will depend greatly on the performance of your graphics hardware. If your system sports a cutting-edge PCI Express 3.0 video card with plenty of onboard memory and a GPU that handles multimedia subroutines, you don't need to worry. However, if your graphics card or onboard video is a few years past its prime, much of the video processing will be passed along to the system CPU and RAM.
    Memory is Essential
    ·         The importance of RAM in streaming video cannot be understated; if you have a low amount of RAM or an older memory interface, you may be expecting too much from your system. Hulu Plus recommends at least 128 MB of RAM, but your performance will benefit from upgrading to 4 GB or more of DDR3. If you see significant CPU usage, your memory may actually be the weak link -- your processor manages system memory, especially virtual memory, and when the RAM capacity or bandwidth is stressed, much of the "overflow" burden falls on the CPU.
    CPU Transcoding
    ·         The CPU is also crucial for applications that utilize transcoding tasks (turning one video format into another) in real time, which can put a serious strain on available processing power. Like many video streaming providers, Amazon Instant Video uses Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight, both of which access the CPU during streaming. Amazon recommends a Pentium 4 2.33GHz processor for PCs, and an Intel Core Duo 1.33 GHz as an absolute minimum, but the amount of data required by full-length HD video will likely require something much more powerful.
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    eclectricity reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    This is a secret.
    We are working hard, it will be released in April. 
    V3 is very excellent, you will love it!
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    eclectricity reacted to PWT1000 in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    I read in another forum reply that version 3.x will be released soon - I use the Pro version, in there any news on what changes or new features will be in version 3 please? 
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    eclectricity reacted to Sutieday in Cleaning for Comodo Dragon and Comodo IceDragon Browsers   
    I use Comodo Dragon and Comodo IceDragon and would like to know if Wise Care 365 can clean them? If not please add support for the browsers.
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    eclectricity reacted to april in A new function i like in Wise Care 365 2.65   
    A new function was added into Wise Care 365, that is  file shredder in context menu.
    It is very concenient, with the file shredder in the context menu, we can shred a file easily.
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    eclectricity reacted to J.P in A useful information   
    To all and new members.
    It will help us incredibly much if you describe what operating system you have
    and perhaps its hardware. You can do it in 'Signature' box. Here is how:
    1. Top right click on your name.
    2. Select 'My Settings'.
    3. 'Signature' on the left (center)
    In this way we can better take us to the 'root' of the problem and then solve it faster.
    Thank you in advance
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    eclectricity reacted to StefZZZ in Wise Memory Optimizer   
    I noticed that when you upgrade to newer version (Wise Care 365) if you had activated Wise Memory Optimizer  then at startup it gives you this error

    To resolve the error you should go to Wise Utilities & click Wise Memory Optimizer 
    than the error will not show up again.
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    eclectricity reacted to Config in How to change Fahrenheit to Centigrade in bootup booster?   
    The weather info center in Bootup Booster is useful. Then how to change the Fahrenheit to Celsius displayed? Easy! Please follow the instructions below to realize it:  (Take English file for example.)   1. Go to your installation path of Wise Care 365. 2. Please find: Wise Care 365 -- Languages -- English.ini 3. Open the "English.ini" and press "ctrl"+"F" to find: "Weathertag=F" 4. Please change the "Weathertag=F" to "Weathertag=c".
    (a lowercase "c" instead of a capital letter "C".)
    5. Save the file and re-start your PC.   --------- If you are using the software in other languages, simply go to the certain "languagename.ini" file and make the same modification. Voila!
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    eclectricity reacted to Wiseuser in Startup Manager   
    In startup manager it lists all the programs and makes suggestions such as keep, delete, or disable.
    I get a bit confused like with the word "keep". Should I interpret keep to mean keep it the way it is set by Wise Care 365 [WC] or should I follow my Windows Services [WS] recommendations? If  WS tells me to keep it going, but WC has that device greyed out and disabled, which one should I choose or follow?
    It seems WC has a lot of services in the OFF/Disabled position, when WS tells me they should be running? So kind of confused here, if WC could decipher this or anyone else it would be helpful.
    Thanks, Wiseuser.
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    eclectricity reacted to april in Do you know what does "run Wise turbo weekly" mean in the settings of Wise Care 365?   
    Wise Turbo is an intelligent tool which will inform you that there are some trash files need to be cleaned in your PC once a week.
    If the trash files in your PC is little, then the window below will not pop up.
    While if your PC has so much trash that will influence your PC performance,  then Wise Turbo will pop up from the right bottom corner of 
    the desktop to inform you to clean the trash files.   
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    eclectricity reacted to Config in How to get back the WFH files?   
    Files hidden with WFH will not be lost in your devices.  However, sometimes you do cannot find them  either because you forgot the password  or your operating system changed  . In this case, please follow the steps below to retrieve your files:
    1. Unzip and install the file downloaded from the link below.
    2. Open the main surface of the tool, choose the drive you used to place the files hidden. Then click "Search".
    3. Find a folder named "...." (or, similar [[[[) in the left column. Then click the arrows below until you find the folder named "hide". (P.S. in the search box, do not enter any words!)
    4. Click on the folder named "hide", a list of files will show up in the right.
    5. Select the files you want to retrieve
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