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  1. Hi. I updated to v3.3.2 this morning, and I can confirm that it did indeed clear the Firefox (33.0.2) history. But, 365 appears to be hanging on "Mozilla Firefox Other Histories". I made 3 scan attempts this morning, and I cancelled the first 2 because I thought it was hung-up. The first scan I let run for 5 minutes and when cancelled it reported 77 Histories in that catagory. The second scan I let run for 10 minutes before cancelling and it reported 90 Histories in that catagory. The third scan I let keep running and after about 14 minutes it finally completed and reported 106 Histories. Is this expected behavior? One of the things I've always loved about WC365 was how fast it did its work. Can something be done to optimize the scan time for "Mozilla Firefox Other Histories"? I hate to think it's going to take 15 minutes to run every time.
  2. Unfortunately, I'm having serious issues with v3. I'm running Windows 7 SP1 32-bit. I have installed, and reverted to v2.99 on two separate occassions. I've had the exact same problems both times that I have installed v3... Immediately after installing and starting v3, it maxes out one core of my dual core CPU. That one core will stay maxed out as long as v3 is installed and running, even if the UI is closed. WiseTray.exe is the culprit, as you can see in these two images - one from Task Manager, one from Wise Care itself. (Yes I have a lot of processes running.) Then, if I should click on any of the items listed under Hardware Overview, the UI completely locks up and never releases. I eventually have to kill Wise Care via Task Manager. The UI won't respond to anything once it freezes, just stays on "Loading...". See below: So far, it looks like I'm the only person who is having such an issue. Must be something about my particular computer. As it is, I'm going to have to stay with v2.99.
  3. I'm very eager to give v3 a try, but I've got a quick question: I have a Lifetime license for 365 Pro, will the Beta pick up on that license, or will it install the Free version of 365 v3? Will the Beta overwrite my current v2.x installation? OK, that's two questions.
  4. Count me in, as well. I'm seeing the exact same issue with Windows Update: Never & Never. I, too, think this issue is related to the latest Wise Care 365 update. I'll also note that there are 6 "Optional" updates which I had previously Hidden that have returned maybe half a dozen times. I hide them again, and then they return again. I'm not sure if this is a related problem since today they did not reappear. I suspect they may at some point. Anyway, I hope the team will find and address this Windows Update issue.
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