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  1. Well, that's wrong. You got it from your Aunt's Windows PC... I expected you have written where you see all those drives: from "this pc" ? From device manager? Or where?
  2. Hi Landman686. That's because you didn't open an elevated command prompt, but a simple command prompt. You have other methods to open an elevated command prompt; for example: click windows start, in the searchbox type cmd, press and hold (keep pressed) CTRL and SHIFT (keys on your keyboard), press ENTER (and release all the keys), say yes to the user account windows that should appear.
  3. No, just to understand if they are working on your machine or not, and if they do not, a chkdsk should help. I don't know if the chkdsk could help to solve this problem (with WRC), it was just curiosity. (Yes, I saw you have tried it)
  4. Hi Karolo82. Can you find files using WiseJetSearch or WiseDiskCleaner advanced cleaner or WiseCare365 advanced cleaner? If you can't, try to run chkdsk /R (from an elevated command prompt) on your OS partition. By the way, I'd try it also if you can find files. It shouldn't happen nothing in particular after those commands, but I recommend you to have a backup of your important data, a system image and a system restore point, NEW and ready to use.
  5. Was your language Russian? Then Croatian and Bosnian are quite similar... Have you already uninstalled WiseFolderHider PRO, hence now you can't unhide those folders?
  6. Hi neoxtro. Sorry, but I didn't understand your message. You can explain better yourself even if you use your native language.
  7. If you don't want windows creates restore points, you should disable system restore in Control Panel\System and Security\System, advanced system settings, system protection tab: select the system drive, click configure, tick disable system restore, click ok, click ok. If this is instead a feature request, if I correctly understood, you want a new setting (in wise disk cleaner settings): don't create restore points (disabled by default).
  8. I installed it, then "portabilized" it, and converted an MP4 to WMV: it worked in the correct manner. The size was doubled... I think you should wait a more authoritative answer than mine.
  9. Hi mikeyb. Are you using an email client? Or are you logging in in your email account directly from your browser? And what browser are you using? What firewall are you using? What antivirus? What antimalware?
  10. Hi jdeek07. I don't know if in this forum you can get help about that software... By the way, I think you should provide some basic informations about your system configuration (exact OS, gpu, cpu, motherboard, software used: wisevideoconverter fre or pro? Or other?, what version? And so forth...). The official email to get help should be: support AT wisevideosuite DOT com Hope this helps!
  11. Did it work, few days ago? Or are you trying to set it? If the first: did you try without firewall (just the time to make a try)?
  12. Yes, the picture was taken from wrc8.
  13. I.e., do you prefer the old interface of WRC8?
  14. Hi bkhow. I forgot to write I'm using UAC maximum setting (always notify). Did you also set it that way?
  15. Hi MilesAhead. If you don't like WiseCare365 protect function, just click on it and it will be disabled. If you only intend to use the registry cleaner and defrag, you can download WiseRegistryCleaner portable (directly from wisecleaner website, download page). If you update WiseCare365 to the latest version, the PRO status should automatically be removed... Because the giveaway versions have usually this limitation. Did you install WiseCare365 from giveawayoftheday.com or from another website? By the way, if you still won't be able to remove the PRO status, let me/us know.
  16. Hi. What email provider are you using? What email program are you using?
  17. I searched a bit and this seems to be an error present only on windows 10.
  18. BSOD (click on slow download) I was modifying usercustom.ini, emule was running. Using: wise system monitor (it wasn't running) wise care 4.1.9 (it was running) windows 10 home x64 DEP always on custom scaling 150% windows firewall ashampoo antivirus 2016 (1.3.0) gridinsoft antimalware (3.0.40)
  19. Hi Christer. Did you already use the SFC tool? And scan your PC for malware?
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