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  1. Nope, I don't understand this ctrl+click and shift+click and shift+arrows business. Just looking at the sentence and trying to make sense of it makes me dizzy. All I got was this: 'tell you what; I am probably to dense for software at this high level. I'll pay Revo the $19 and get some other, more pressing matters some attention. Like taking a nap. Thanks anyway. All my fault, I'm sure.
  2. "You can also request a new feature in WPU feature requests topic: select items with ctrl+click and shift+click and shift+arrows, then ignore items." So, do I do this directly in the WPU interface? I suppose this it what you mean, but these are things that are natural to you as you have so much experience of the program but I don't have this knowledge, being a beginner. To me, the "You can also request a new feature in WPU feature requests topic" part sounds like I was supposed to request this feature on the Wise website to perhaps be included in the next WPU release. The latter part, though, "select items with ctrl+click and shift+click and shift+arrows, then ignore items." is obviously something I can do right here, right now. I'll try that and report back only if I can't get it to work that way. Thank you. PS: I see on the right there that I have as yet 0 warning points. That somehow gives me warm, fuzzy,feeling inside
  3. Thank you for replying xilolee. This is what it looks like here right now: 183 programs! 21.3 GB! I could not believe my eyes yesterday, then I scrolled down...it's a list as long as ones arm. Revo, which I am on day 14 of on my trial, reports 53... It works! 1 down, 129 to go... well, it'll keep me off the streets for a while anyway... Thank you xilolee, that was a fast, accurate response and it bodes well for my future with Wise Program Uninstaller! You may not a Wise employee, but you are a wise moderator . (Sorry Revo, looks like no sale this time). But...wait a minute: you said "I've already removed them with WDC or WCare365." so are these quicker than removing entries manually? Please advice!
  4. I am in the process of getting aquainted with WPU. On first run I was surprised to see all Windows Updates listed. I had been using Revo Uninstaller for a while and never saw them there. My question is - can I somehow hide these entries from view? I assume that if I uninstall them in Wise, they will be uninstalled in Windows as well, and the Windows update process is tedious enough that once is plenty + the fact that I also assume they are doing my system (Windows 7) some good and I don't want to remove them, just not see them in WPU. Thank you.
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