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  1. Sorry, I just want to confirm it again. Wise Jetsearch can list "Transcend 1tb storejet" HDD (you can choose this drive from the drop down arrow). But, wise jetsearch cannot find any file/folder of this HDD. Can I connect to your computer to test this issue?
  2. You can recover these pictures to D drive, or a USB drive. Then copy and paste these pictures to C drive.
  3. Yes, you can try wise data recovery. Run wise data recovery, select C drive, choose Image from keywords box. Click Search button. Then, select pictures you want to recover and click Recover button.
  4. @MikeO Yes, v10.13 is the latest. Please help us: 1, Download this Wise Disk Cleaner 9.79 Portable version, run it to check if it can list your drives in Advanced Cleaner. 2, Capture a screenshot of your Disk Management. Right click on This PC - Manage - Disk Management WDC_9.79_Portable.zip
  5. Avast? Wiselcleaner won't install Avast. Wise Anti Malware use Avira threat detection technology and the completed virus database. We already mention it in https://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-anti-malware.html
  6. It should be "The password is incorrect", right? Please download this tool and click "Show my password", then you see a serial symbols, send it and your password to [email protected] https://www.wisecleaner.com/soft/GetPassword.exe We will compare them. If they are the same, we will help you to find hidden files. But if they are different, please buy WFH password retrieve service, then we will help you find correct password. https://www.wisecleaner.com/how-to-get-wise-folder-hider-password-back.html
  7. @xilolee 1, Actually, I want you export this registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\7-Zip\FM, then I will import it into my system to check. It is disappeared now, so we can forget it. 2, I will report it again.
  8. Thanks, But please tell me the program name you get above result. Then we can user registry cleaner to compare with it.
  9. @xilolee 1, In my computer, WRC 9 and WRC 10 have same scan results of Software paths. Could you please export it and send to me? 2, If WRC display registry key name instead of key value, the first column are almost 0/1/2/3..., not only software paths but also all items. I already send your suggestion to developer team, but I guess this work is too hard, so that they have not done it now.
  10. WRC 8 is the fastest, because it doesn't scan some registry path. WRC 9 finds the most problems, because it may misjudge certain items as invalid registry value. WRC x is better than previous version although it is not the fastest.
  11. Normally We don't need to translate them.
  12. I see. It is really hard to read. I will send it to developer team.
  13. Hi, Please read this page carefully, Refresh, Reset or Restore your PC Sorry, I can't help you to recover lost files, you can try Wise Data Recovery, or other data recovery products.
  14. Hi, 1, Created a encrypted folder (we call it encrypted drive), 2, Mount this drive (normally it is drive Z:), open it 3, Move files/folders to this drive. 4, Close drive and click Unmount. Close Wise Folder Hider
  15. @xilolee, Thanks for your help. A few people has same issue with you, but the issue item is not Software Path. We know there is bug in Wise Registry Cleaner X, but We have been unable to reproduce this problem.
  16. @kasem, 1, Wise Care 365 won't clean installed programs, unless you add its parent folder to clean list. 2, Wise Duplicate Finder find only duplicate files, not duplicate folders. And it only remove files. If you remove files one by one, I mean, you select a file and delete it manually, wise duplicate finder won't backup it. Only if you select multi files, and click "Delete Selected", wise duplicate finder will back up files. You can find backup in Menu - Backup and Restore.
  17. @xilolee I see. In your system, WRC X and Wise Care 365 v5 skipped some registry items. We cannot reproduce this issue. Can I connect to your system to check it?
  18. @xilolee Please check attached image, WRC 9.56 and W365 5.18 are almost same except File Types.
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