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  1. I purchased WISE DUPLICATE FINDER yesterday (January 14,2021). The first scan, I was pleased because it did find several duplicate photos. I then scanned a Photo Folder with 2600 photos. Wise took 20 minutes to "scan" and then returned results "No Duplicate Found". I went to website http://www.duplicatephotosfixer.com/price_pc I downloaded and scanned. It found over 100 duplicate in 8 minutes. I viewed to ensure they WERE Duplicates. That was the "Free Trial". I have now purchased duplicatephotosfixer.com and am upset that I paid for this Wise Cleaner not 24 hours ago! FYI: Do your "homework" B4 you $$. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR !! (ie: Free or $13.xx = Worthless) -nNashville
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