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  1. Cool. And thank you it worked. What is different, besides the fact that it's older. Is there a code change between the regular install of that version, or debug symbols. If not, then can I uninstall and reinstall that specific version and disable update checking.
  2. Thanks, will do! And post results here. Also, just curious, but what are the main languages wisecare is written in, do you have any stuff available to the public to look at, i.e. FOSS stuff, and are you an independent, or subsidiary of someone else.
  3. I am aware of this, and that was the first thing I checked. Yes it detects the SSD there, yet still doesn't display SSD optimizations. It occurs on windows 7, windows 8.1, but not windows 10, with all on the same computer and drive (three partitions). I have also toggled sata options in BIOS just to see if it would change anything, and windows correctly detects the ssd, having turned on trim and disabling the built in defragger the way it's supposed to. Iv'e also uninstalled and reinstalled the drive and ahci controllers in device manager, with the latest drivers from amd. The firmware is also the latest on this SSD. All of this leads me to believe it is a software issue, which is why I went through the time to create this account (I have previously had no issues with wisecare, using it since 2015 on all my machines from windows xp through to 10)
  4. how does wisecare determine if there is an ssd or not. On some systems it shows ssd optimization, but others (like the win 7 ultimate sp1 x64 machine im on now) it does not, even though windows detects it as an ssd. It is a kingdian 480, and Im wondering what heuristics it takes into account or if its just compared to a known list off ssds. Either way, is there a way for me to fix this?
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