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  1. Hello. May I ask please, has the option I suggested been thought of to be added to an update? And do you know when an update will be available with this item added? Thank you.
  2. Hi. I started using these products from the IOBIT range because I found these programs much better usage wise, and they seemed to be better in their performance too. I was wondering if Wise Cleaner had ever been reported as showing us false positives when scanning, either the basic scan or the advanced scan? I ask this because sometimes I will run the basic scan - see the results - then run the clean. But if I scan again it finds yet more and recommends a clean again, this can happen three times or more if I keep going! Or am I simply using the program wrong, apologies if I am.
  3. Thanks. I forgot to ask, would it be possible to have a Pause button instead of just a Stop button when defragging. This would also be very usefull. Thank you. PS I have started using your products after the use of many others such as CCleaner, IOBIT Software, BleachBit etc, but I find yours much better and more intuitive interface which is very welcome. Thank you again.
  4. Hi. Can we please have the option added of "Sleep" when the full defrag or full optimisation has completed instead of just "Power Off" please. Thanks.
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