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when loading wise program uninstaller into windows 10 it is pointing to the programs folder not the programm86x folder is there a way of browsing or pointing it to where my programs are kept, i am using wise program uninstaller ver 1.92.100

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When another installed program gets updated, WPU seems to run a scan and offer to delete leftover items once the update is finished.

It did it a couple of days ago with Bandizip.

It just now did it again with Firefox.


Is it safe to delete those items? It looks to me like they are vital components that should stay.


These are not programs that are being uninstalled and removed, but programs that are being updated. So their updater is uninstalling the old and then reinstalling the new version.


For Firefox it's asking me to delete 124 items including program files items and registry items.

Screenshots attached.


I'm worried that if I go ahead and let WPU delete these then Firefox will be broken?




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I don't seem to have any such option in the menu.


...Unless it's the mysterious "Detect the uninstallation of other uninstaller"? I have no idea what that means. Is that what you're saying we should disable?




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Uninstaller spiking CPU upwards to 50% over long periods of time for no apparent reason... it there anything I can do to change this - or is this perhaps related to the previous reply



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