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  1. Here is the latest updated German language file for Wise Registry Cleaner: German for WRC 9_21_593.zip
  2. Why are the search results (number of files and traces) when switching between Classic Mode and Clear Mode different? It seems that the item selection is different between the two modes, which shouldn't be. If a selection is made under Classic Mode, it should be exactly the same for the Clear Mode, which it isn't.
  3. Here is a reviewed and updated version of the German language file by <Latino>, based on the work of Harmut Hoyer. German.zip
  4. I have noticed with apprehension, that some translators modify existing localization files, put their names on the revised translation and just remove the names of previous translators, thus negating their efforts. I find this practice unethical and just unfair. It is the job of the admins to ensure that all collaborators get due credit for their work, because we all contribute to make your products better for your users.
  5. The changes added in version 9.22 have been implemented in the German language file attached below German.zip
  6. Futher down is an improved German language file for WRC that comprises the latest changes of the English version.
  7. Attached is a revised and improved German language file for WDC on occassion of release 9.21
  8. I have thoroughly reviewed the German language localization for WDC 9.xx and attach below the updated German language file (see newest post further down).
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