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Heavy Bug: Registry Cleaner removes all printer ports for all printers in 64bit Win 7

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I setup various physical laser printers and pdf printers on my 64bit Win 7 Pro system.
They work fine for a long time.

Then I decided to try out Wise Registry Cleaner v8.82 with Default scan.

Since I cannot validate each found issue I had to trust Wise and fixed all problems.

After a while (and a reboot) I had to use one of the printers mentioned above.

Much to my surprise they did not work any more.

Further investigations show that when I go to

ControlPanel--->Devices and printers

select one of the listed printers, right click and selected "Printer Properties", go to to tab "Ports" then the list
is completely empty - for ALL printers.

Have a look at the attached snapshot

Very bad.

Even worse: I found no solution to re-create them

The only reason for that can be a false wiping from Wise Registry Cleaner of ActiveX/COM components or other registry entries (possibly


or a branch below)

This is very, very annoying.

Why does Wise Registry Cleaner think it must remove these branches?

Devs should fix this urgently.




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If you haven't unticked "auto back up registry before cleaning" (in settings general), click restore, registry restore, select the correct registry backup, restore it.
You can also navigate in that backup; default backup folder is in %appdata%\Wise Registry Cleaner\backup (C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Wise Registry Cleaner\backup).

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